Expert Guidance on Launching Oil Plant

There is a specialized column for edible oil processing plants that lists related articles on comprehensive oil processing plants for various oil-bearing materials, beginning with oil extraction and ending with final packaging for retail sale. We will go through every facet of this extremely important industry.

To setup a complete oil processing plant for vegetable oil production (extraction section and refining section), either in small scale or large scale, it is necessary to choose the right oil extraction methods and oil processing machines based on the property of every oil-bearing material so as to to maximize the oil extraction efficiency and minimize investment cost. ABC Machinery strives to provides customers and investors the BEST oil processing solutions for various edible oil processing plant setup.

Oil extraction is to make full use of oil-bearing materials and produce vegetable oils that meet human needs by studying the properties of oilseeds and selecting reasonable oil processing method and technology. At present, vegetable oil production methods mainly include mechanical pressing, solvent extraction, oil refining, supercritical fluid extraction and water solvent method, and more, among which oil pressing and oil refining are the most cost-effective technology, especially for those has less investment capitals

How to Design a Complete Edible Oil Processing Plant?

Since entering the 21st century, the development speed of cooking oil industry has been further accelerated. Whether it is newly building, rebuilding or expanding, edble oil processing plant needs professional technical supports. Oil mill plant is composed of several basic oil production processes, involving many disciplines. The design of a complete oil processing plant includes all the individual projects that should be configured inside the enterprise, generally including the general layout, production workshop, power workshop, on-site and outdoor transportation, automatic control instruments, heating and ventilation, fire and explosion prevention, environmental protection engineering, welfare facilities, office buildings, laboratory and repair workshop engineering, etc. 

edible oil pressing plant factory layout design

Complete Oil Pressing Plant Design

The design of oil mill plant must adapt to the development of economy and science and technology to ensure that the design result is safe, practical, economical and reasonable. The design of edible oil processing plant strives to adopt new technology, new process, new equipment and so on.

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