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soybean oil production plant
Turnkey Projects of Soybean Oil Production - Oil Pressing Section

Data from the US Department of Agriculture states that soybean oil is the most popular and commonly used cooking oils throughout the world. As per a study by University of California – Riverside, this oil accounts for more than 90% of all seed oil produced in America. Reasons behind its increased popularity include its health benefits and price. This oil is rich in Omega-3, Omega-6 and Vitamin E.

small soybean oil production plant
Small Scale Soybean Oil Production Plant

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Have you ever wondered what's a soybean oil mill is about and how to set up a small scale soybean oil production plant? If so, this article will is for you. In this article, we will discuss the activities in a soybean production. Don’t worry this article will not be too technical, we have made it easy for you to understand without using much of technical jargon.

Soybean Oil Production Process

Production of high soybean oil is the main objective of a soybean oil production plant. Thorough knowledge of the technical system of the plant and disciplined operation are must to produce quality soybean oil.

soybean oil production process

Storage and Crushing

As with any other seed oil processing plant, storage is a very crucial aspect. Soybeans are received and stored in specially prepared silos in the soybean oil mill plant. Before they are stored, they are thoroughly cleaned and dried. Stray metallic particles are then removed from the beans using "Tramp Iron Removal" where magnets are placed strategically to remove materials such as nails, staples, baling wire, etc. Apart from this, other methods are used to remove the foreign material. Soybeans are then stored under necessary temperature and moisture.


Dehulling the soybeans is the next step and some common types of dehulling methods include:

  • Conventional Dehulling - soybean tempering followed by cracking and screening;
  • Hot Dehulling - a fluidized bed is used to achieve the desired moisture level before cracking;
  • Esher Wyss Dehulling – here soybeans are first cracked into two pieces and then required moisture is attained using a fluidized bed;

The main purpose of cracking is to get the right sized flakes for oil extraction. After dehulling, the hulls are separated from the meats.

Conditioning and Oil Extraction

In order to effectively extract the oil, conditioning is used to soften the meats. The conditioned flakes are fed through a pair of smooth surface rolls, where they get crushed and the crude soybean oil drains out.

The soy meal is collected separately and toasted to deactivate urease and trypsin inhibitor. Subjecting the meat to appropriate temperature gives a good quality soy meal. This meal is stored separately and used for various purposes and most importantly for animal feeding.

small scale and medium scale soybean oil extraction plant
Soybean Oil Production Plant (left: small scale unit; right: medium scale plan)

Once the crude oil is collected, it is set to cool at 65℃ before exposing it to air as at high temperature, oxidative degradation will occur. Then the oil is sent for refining where this crude oil will be converted to usable cooking oil.

Soybean Oil Refining

The first step of refining is called as Degumming where soybean oil which has high amount of hydratable phosphatides are neutralized. Then caustic refining is done to remove fatty acids, phosphatides and other materials. The next step involves removing oxidation products, triglycerides and reducing color pigments. Finally deodorization is done where volatile components such as pesticides, glycerol and free fatty acids are removed.

small soybean oil refinery plant
Small Soybean Oil Refinery Plant / Unit

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We can supply customized business plan for both mini scale, small scale, medium scale and full scale seed oil production. Just contact us and tell us your needs. We are always at your services!

The quality of the oil depends on the quality of the refinery process. Many contaminants may occur and trans fatty formation may occur during the refining process. So to prevent such kind of issues proper maintenance and professionalism is very important at the soybean oil production plant.

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  • Thanks for your attention to our product. Email attachment is the quotation of 10TPD soya oil proeuction line for your reference.
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  • We are a company based in Cape Verde and we are looking for quotes for a complete line  equipment for production and bottling of soybean oil for human consumption. We need a production capacity around 15.000 tons of oil yearly.
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    FYI, the quote of 50TPD pressing plant and refinery excluded the boiler and bottling line yet has been sent to your email, look forward to further discussion with you.
  • I want to establish soyabean oil extrusion plant in India.
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    3. Do you have steam boiler in your factory now, if yes, what's the capacity?
    4. How do you process the pressed crude oil now, do you need oil refinery together with the solvent extraction plant , or will have it later?
  • I am a General Director of a cooking oil processing company which is done production oil in different seeds, as sunflowers, soybeans ; maracuje grain, maize. we want to know that if you have the convoyer of machines for those seed, and all implantation for the small industry , if you have it, send me tha proforma invoice incluse transport and taxes and installation,i want this in fews day because i want confirm if you have all machine and the best cost.send me the photos , for the convoy machines , power ellecricity, weiht etc......
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