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ABC Machinery is a pioneer manufacturer of oil processing machine and complete equipment, established in 1997. We can offer all kinds oil oil machinery including oil mill, filter press, oil refinery machine and so on. Our cottonseed oil millmachinery has been used in numerous reputed cooking and vegetable oil plant, solvent plants and refineries all across the nation. Welcome inquiry the details of our machinery (!

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Cottonseed includes hull and kernel, as hull contains fibers and linters, and the kernel is full of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and sterols. Cotton seed oil is one of the most unsaturated edible oils. Refined and sterilized with the help of cottonseed oil mill machinery, cottonseed oil becomes one of the cleanest medium for culinary purposes. Like many oils extracted from plants, seeds and nuts, cottonseed oil is free of cholesterol. It is believed to be naturally hydrogenated due to the palmitic, oleic and stearic acids included in it.

Cottonseed Oil Production

cottonseed oil supplyCottonseed oil is an extracted from the seeds of different cotton plants. These plants are mainly grown for cotton fiber, animal feed or oil. They have the same structure as those of sunflower seeds. Cottonseed oil is of light golden color with mild taste, but generally the color of the oil depends on the degree of its refining. Cottonseed oil is primarily used in cuisine for making mayonnaise or as a salad addition. Being cheaper than olive or canola oil, cottonseed oil is used as frying oil in many restaurants and locations of food service. Cottonseed oil mill machinery is used for crushing cottonseed oil seeds thus making it useful for culinary purposes. (Read more: How to Build a Sunflower Oil Processing Plant?)

Many of us use cottonseed oil for culinary purposes, but not everyone is aware of the benefits of cottonseed oil. Due to the high amount of antioxidants, which are essential for good health, cottonseed oil is necessary product for our health. It is rich in vitamin E and low in cholesterol. It is not heavy oil that is the reason it is mostly preferred for baking or preparing food. However, overusing cottonseed oil can have negative effects as it is high-calorie edible oil and contains over 120 calories.

Market of Cottonseed Oil

India has the highest cottonseed oil production ranks in world market-1,277.00MT, because cotton is one of the most crucial commercial crops in India. The second and third places in Cottonseed oil production take China and Pakistan, accordingly producing 1,048.00MT and 510.00MT.

cottonseed oil production - cotton seed output
World Market of Cottonseed Production

Though cotton cultivation dates back to several centuries, the cottonseed oil production is relatively new branch in world industry. In 1793 the first oil processing plant emerges, but it was only in the twentieth century that it was utilized for commercial purposes. Nowadays, cottonseed oil takes the fifth place in all edible oils.

Cottonseed Oil Milling Process

cottonseed oil milling process
Cotton Seed Oil Extraction and Refinery Process

There are three methods for producing cottonseed oil. The first method is mechanical screw oil pressing, the second one is pre-pressing & solvent extraction, and the final third method is direct solvent extraction. However, the base of the three methods include the following steps shelling, extracting, steaming, acid and alkai reaction, heating, streaming, oil neutralization, decolorization and deorodization and finally, cottonseed oil refinement process. All the processes are done by the use of different cottonseed oil mill machinery.

Start a Small Cottonseed Oil Milling Business

Ongoing weakness in grain futures has a negative impact on cottonseed prices. The unstable grain futures customers are not buying cottonseed meal or cottonseed oil actively and thus the price of cottonseed oil hovers around $230 per ton. The most frequent questions over cottonseed oil production include: which state of the USA grows the most cotton or what are the benefits or negative effects of using cottonseed oil. So, Texas is the leader in cotton-production over the states of USA, producing over 5.5 million bales of cotton a year.

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Build a Mini Cottonseed Oil Pressing Line

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Mini Oil Refining Plant


We are engaged in offering a wide range of oil milling machinery, small oil processing unit and full scale business plan. The following small oil miling complete unit is one of our hot sale products. This unit is fully adopted mechanical driven, connecting a series small oil milling equipment tegether to realize continuous oil manufacturing and high rate of oil yield. This small oil pressing unit can process various oil seeds and nuts, such as coconut, palm kernel, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts and soybeans etc. Fewer land space, small investment, wide application and labor saving, the this small complete plant is ideal choice for starting a small oil milling business! Tell us your needs and let us help you make a customized business plan!


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