30TPD Cotton Oil Refining & Fractionating Plant in Afghanistan

This process line is a bath type refining line constructed in Afghanistan, which can product cottonseeds oil 30TPD. Although this small production line does not cost much, it includes all the necessary equipment. 

Technology Flow Chart of Refining system: crude oil→deacidification → degumming → decoloration → deodorization → winterization / fractionation → refined oil product

finished cotton oil refinery plant
Finished Cotton Oil Refinery Plant

finished cotton seed oil fractionation plant
Finished Cotton Oil Fractionation Plant

Photos of the Cotton Oil Refining Project in Construction

The photos below were taken onsite when finished construction. If you are also intersted in starting a cotton oil refining business, feel free the contact us for customized solution and equipment cost. (Related Project: 50TPD Cottonseed Oil Solvent Extraction Plant in Uzbekistan)

workshop appearance of the cotton oil refinery project
Workshop Apperance
our project manager for the oil refining and fractionation production
Our Project Manager
cotton seed oil refinery plant for sale low cost
Cotton Oil Refinery Plant Under Construction
cotton oil refining factory for small to medium scale production line
Fractionation Equipment
water cooling tower out of the cotton oil mill plant
Water Cooling Tower
PLC System of the crude oil refinery line
PLC System
out side water cooling tower under construction
Cool Water Tower under Construction
low cost cottonseed oil refining mahcine
Details of the Refining Equipment
percise filter press
Percise Filter Press
oil flow out of the filter press
Oil Flowing Out
edible oil refinery lab equipment
Lab Eequipment
cooking oil refinery laboratory equipment
Lab Equipment
crude cotton oil
Crude Cotton Oil
refined cotton oil
Refined Cotton Oil
edible oil filling production equipment for sale
Oil Filling Production Line
details of the vegetable oil bottling machine in the reining line
Details of the Oil Bottling Machine


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Description Of The Cotton Oil Refining System

If you are planning for start a small scale cottonseed oil refining business and need to get more information about this project, feel free to contact us!

  • Degumming

The technology is adopt the continuously working by disc centrifuge. This technology is according to the difference of variety of crude oil and quality to adjust the processing chart(Physical refinery and chemical refinery is both OK).


cttonseed cooking oil processing industry
Mini Scale Cotton Oil Refining Unit for Sale

This stage is including the Acid refining, alkali refining, washing, drying etc. Adopt the vacuum drying for drying alkali refining oil. The oil and water( Alkali liquid) will finish the react at the best time and mixing. All the working under the pressure except the drying that this way can prevent the oil inlet and avoid the oxidation. This technology suitable for all the vegetable oil except the castor oil and fish oil etc other animal fat.

  • De-color

The oil after heating (90℃) mix with white earth at vacuum de-color tower to de-color. The oil after de-colored with the mix materials to vertical leave filter press to filtering. (Alternative use) and to bag filter to precious filtering. Remove the white residual white earth and get the de-colored oil.

  • De-wax(De-ester)

Heating at first for the oil that the oil will be de-wax that means the melt all the wax that they are in the oil before crystal. Control the crystal by man-made to make sure the particle is easy to separate. Then do the heating exchange in the heat exchanger with de-wax oil, and cool them at right temperature. Crystallizing tank has a nip cover or pipes in the inside that this way can make the oil into the maturing tank at the suitable cooling speed and temperature. Then pump to horizontal leave filter press.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

The oil from maturing tank to filter press, when the oil come out at the exhausted place, close the Discharge air valve and open the liquid outlet valve. The liquid is a little dirty cause of no filtering Layer. Dirty oil to the dirty phase of oil pool and pump the  maturing tank again for filtering. When the oil cleaning, the oil will be back the cleaning oil pool immediately, and pump to the heat exchanger to heating the de-wax oil to get the de-waxed oil.

Filter press need cleaning when the cake at the stated thickness. Before cleaning, there is no any oil in the filter press. Take the compressed air to blowing the cake with little moisture, then cleaning plates. Discharge all the cakes close vibrating air valve and star the hydraulic pump to close the body of filter press and filter plates. Close the Waste Valves and adjust other valves to stand by the next filtering.

  • Deodorizing Section

Via Heater, Heat Exchanger, and Heater, the standard bleached oil is heated to process temperature (240-260℃). Subsequently pump the oil to Combined Deodorizer. The Combined Deodorizer is combined type: the upper layers are packed type to remove odorizing components such as free fatty acid; the bottom layers are plate type to get effect of hot bleaching. Peroxide value in oil is reduced to almost zero. Oil from the Deodorizer enters into the condenser to recover most of the heat and makes further heat exchange. Finally the oil is cooled to 80-85℃ by Cooler. Volatile from the Deodorizing system is separated by FFA Catcher. The separated liquid is FFA at 40-50℃. Vacuum in Deodorizing tower was made by steam jet pump, the residual pressure in the tower is keep at 266Pa. 

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