Mini Oil Mill Plant

Mini Oil Mill Plant – Lower Invest, Higher Output

Mini oil mill plant is featured of easy installation, commission and operation. It requires small land space and small investment compared with large automatic oil mill plant, but still contains complete functionality of oil milling plant. Compared with single oil press, this mini oil processing plant needs fewer labor and the feeding is much more stable. Only 2 or 3 worker is enough for the whole plant.

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This small scale oil mill production assembly unit is a good choice of manufacturing cooking oil from soybean, peanut kernel, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, sesame seeds, maize germ and many other oil bearing materials.

seed oil extraction technology

Below is the main machinery included in the mini oil processing unit. If you are interested in start a mini or small sacle oil making business, this plant is sure to surprise you! Feel free to send us an inquiry through email if you have any questions about our machines! 24x7 service is available.

Main Equipments in The Small Oil Plant

The related machinery could be different when pressing different oil-bearing crops. ABC Machinery have a professinal engineering team to make the best tailor-made plan for each of our customer.

Oilseed cleaning sieve
  •    Cleaning Sieve (Screening)

First of all, the oilseeds needed to be cleaned to remove dust, stone, bad ones and other impurities. This cleaning sieve can process various kinds of granular grain materials. It is the most popular cleaning machine for oil production.

Oilseed Roasting Machine
  •    Oilseed Roasting Machine (Cooking)

This closed drum type rotary roaster is invented by ABC BEST Machinery based on home and abroad advanced technology. It is widely applied to oil mill plant for the cooking of vegetable oil seed. With roasting machine, the oil yield of the whole plant will be largely improved.

intergrated oil press

This advance oil press machine combines the function of oil expeller and filtering machine. Compared to traditional expeller, our integrated oil presses are more efficient and need less labor. Moreover, this integrated oil pressing machine is equipped with an electrical control box, so that you can easily control the pressing temperature and make high quality cooking oil product. It is definitely the best choice for small oil processing workshops.

Capacity: 2-10 Ton per 24Hour

screw elevator
  •    Screw Elevator (Conveying)

This is the most common use conveying machinery in oil pressing plant, due to its simple structure and attractive price.


Projects Display

Actually, each oil milling project is designed based on each client's raw material, capacity needs and cost budget. If you are interested in setting up your own small scale edible oil manufacturing business, you can take the followings photos we built before for references. You are also welcome to send us a quick inquiry to get customzied project plan and layout design, equipment list and cost details!

small oil mill plant project
5ton/d Mini Peanut Oil Mill Plant
low cost small scale sunflower oil mill plant
Oilseeds Cleaning Section
small groundnut oil mill plant
Steam Cooker for 10ton/d Oil Plant
soybean oil pressing line
Steam Cooker and Oil Press
small scale oil filling machine
Small Scale Oil Filling Machine

  • Can you give complete details of the 10 TPd oil press + 3tpd oil refinery for coconut oil. Is there a solvent extraction machine included?  Also give complete process details of everything.
  • As we talked in China, The coconut oil content is high so we desgin you double times oil press line. Following is the explaination of the oil press line:
    1: The crusher: Because the copra is too big to extract oil by oil press machine. So we should crush them in small pieces.
    2: Cooker: If the coconut can be cooked few mins then it will be easier to extract more oil.
    3: The oil expeller: The most important machine in the whole oil press line. Used to extract oil.
    4: The oil filter: Used to remove the impurities in the oil.
    The oil refinery:
    1: Degmming: Use the hot water to remove the gum inside of crude oil.
    2: Nuetrilazition: Use the NaOH to lower the acid value in the oil. Then the oil is more healthy for people and the oil can be keept for longer.
    3: Bleaching: Use the bleaching earth to make the oil become more clear and the color more beautiful.
    4: Deodorization: Use the vacuum systm to remove the bleaching earth bad smell and the crude oil bad smell. Then the oil taste will be better for consumption.
  • I want to know if this set of machine can be used for palm kernel to produce palm cooking oil?
  • Regarding to the palm kernel: Of course the plant can deal with the palm kernel.The palm kernel oil contant is 45% more or less. So the oil output also is very high.
  • I need one project for oil mill project of all. Plant and machiney etc., cost wise.
  • Hi, thanks for your enquiry to our products. However, pls advise us what's your raw material and desired processing capacity per day? So we could suggest and quote for you accordingly.

How to Start A Small Oil Mill Plant?

best vegetable oil press for sale

Oil Pressing and Filtering All-in-one Machine for Sale

The center part of entire oil mill plant including small scale production is the oil mill. Oil mill comprises of a worm that is encased in a chamber that is sealed. To enable smooth flow of seeds at the input seeds, oil and refuse at the exit, the chamber has bay and an outlet. The seeds that are precooked are fed via a hopper into the chamber bay. The worm screwing action heads the seeds in the direction of the end that is narrow.

Due to the expanded pressure as the seeds are squeezed to the end that is narrow, oil is discharged. Oil gets away from the chamber through exceptionally minor gaps that are specially built at the end. After it flows via the pipes, the oil is gathered at storage end. After extracting oil, the seed refuse are gathered as oil cakes. This is again an essential commercial item. Most plants calculate their financial practicality by computing the oil cakes sales.

The key part which chooses all the other parameters during the plant set up is the oil mill. This parameters include; Production capacity, size of automation, control over the nature of produce and other commercial viewpoints. Due to many years of research, at Shreeji Oil mills we have composed and built fundamental nature of oil milling machinery considering these contemplations. We have been effective in expanding the yield and keeping up the nature of the extracted oil . This is achieved by exploring more on fine parameters like the outline of the and screw decrease. We have made a progression of items to suit the various needs of the clients. We have accessibility of oil mills that have capacity going from few Kg per hour to a several tones per hour.

screw oil expeller press

There are basically 2 methods of which an Oil mill machine operates. The first one is the mode of cold oil press while the second is the mode of hot oil press. In the mode of cold press, the seed that is incoming is fed directly without preheating. Then again in the mode of hot press the seeds need to undergo the preheating step. The real business contrast is the nature of cake and oil yield. In cold press strategy, the cake created is of more value. The seed yield is compromised by this value. In the mode of hot press, preheating bursts seeds cells, which thus builds the oil yield. In this procedure the cake delivered is of less value when contrasted with cold press. According to the necessity of the commercial sector we have the ability to give either kind of machine of oil mill.

Having an understanding of how to about starting a small oil mill plant, you are set to go. We are always atyour service willing to help you along the way if you get stuck or whenever you need our assistance.

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