20ton/day Palm Kernel Oil Processing Machine / Plant in Nigeria

  • Project Name: 20ton/day Palm Kernel Oil Refining Equipment and Fractionation Plant
  • Palm Oil Processing Factory Location: Nigeria
  • Built by ABC Machinery - your best choice of palm kernel oil extraction & refinery machine manufacturer.
If you are interested in starting your own palm kernel oil processing business, you can take this project report for reference.

Photo Display: Palm Kernel Oil Processing Machine & Plant

Get more about the equipment layout and factory design by the photo display below. You are also welcome to contact us to get more suggestions on customized palm kernel oil production business plan and get more about cost / investment.

This palm oil refinery project is still under construction. We will update the installation status of the project later.

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Factory Layout Discusstion
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Site for Setup Palm Kernel Oil Mill Plant
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Equipment Layout
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Palm Oil Refinery Machine

It is a 20ton/day palm kernel oil mill plant including refining and fractionation machinery, and constructed 4PC 300metric tons oil storage tanks,also set up filling line and lab instrument.. The refining plant is based on semi-continuous refining process. Degumming and deacidification process is batch and deodorization process is continuous. Fractionation process adopts PLC control system. (Similar Project: 10ton/d Palm Oil Fractionation Plant in Africa)

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How to Buid a Palm Kernel Oil Processing Plant?

The economic benefits and importance of the oil palm tree cannot be overemphasized in today’s vegetable oil market. Some of its byproducts include palm kernel cake, palm oil, and palm kernel oil. Today we seeks to respond to the common questions that many interested entrepreneurs have in mind concerning the production of palm kernel oil. It gives you tips about investing on palm kernel oil refining in Nigeria. Some of the most commonly asked questions include:

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Palm Oil Manufacturing & Refining Market

  • Is the palm kernel oil business worthwhile?   
  • What factors must one consider to setup palm oil mill plant for processing palm kernel seeds?

Is starting palm kernel oil processing business worthwhile?

The production and processing of palm kernel oil offer people involves in palm oil industry an opportunity of earning a steady income. The venture also provides employment opportunities for many people who would otherwise be without jobs. On a national level, you will be contributing to the reduction of dependence on other countries as far as increasing the demand for food in Nigeria is concerned. Of utmost importance is to learn the ropes as soon as possible. You also need to give the venture deserved attention and seriousness. Since the demand for palm kernel oil is enormous locally and internationally, the business is definitely worthwhile.

Factors to consider when establishing palm kernel oil refinery & fractionation plant?

Before buy palm kernel oil pressing machine or refinery equipment, here are some tips for your to consider.

  • Factory Location

It is imperative that you identify a good location for your palm kernel oil refining business. To make an informed decision, consider aspects such as the availability of raw materials and your audience (the target market). Your ideal location should be in proximity to the raw materials as well as the market. At times, this might not be possible, and you may have to engage trade-offs. However, you can explore options that help you strike a balance when it comes to these two elements.

  • Startup Money: How much does it cost?

You need money for various things, including business premises, equipment, raw materials, and staff. If you have done some bit of research about this business, you already know that you need machines (for the different stages of production) to ensure faster production. Consider choosing your machines carefully to avoid unnecessary costs of repair and maintenance which can affect the profitability of your firm. If finances allow, go for high-quality equipment. Part of the capital also goes to insurance, business registration, agency fee among many others.   Put into account money for paying your employees. Supposing you will be working as the manager, you will need other workers such as a technical assistant, storekeeper, production workers, quality control officer, salespeople, security officer and perhaps an administrative assistant. On average, you will need 10 members of staff, depending on the size of your business.   Palm kernel oil refining business is capital intensive, and one must ensure adequate preparation. Depending on the size of the venture, you may require between N5, 000, 000 and N10, 000,000. Contact us now to know more about equipment price and investment cost! (Recent News: Palm kernel oil expeller in Nigeria)

  • When to start the business?

It is only wise to begin your palm oil extraction or refining business when everything is in place. Remember to set realistic expectations because the business is still new. Begin thinking about effective marketing strategies to spread the word about your products and in turn, attract customers.  Your enthusiasm and availability of capital will determine how soon you can begin operations. You maybe also interested in turning oil palm fiber into fuel pellets >>

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