20TPD Coconut Oil Refining Factory in the Philippines

Project Name: Coconut Oil Refining Factory Expansion
Output Change: From 10TPD to 20TPD
Raw Materials: Crude Coconut Oil
Project Location: Philippines

This is about a Expansion Project of a 10TPD coconut oil refining factory. We have help this client built a 20TPD desiccated coconut oil milling plant along with 10TPD refining line several years ago. As his business growing, now, he want to reconstruct the oil extraction production from 20TPD to 50TPD, transform the deodorization section of the refinery from batch process to semi-continuous process, and expand the deodorization production to 20 ton/day. The following photos are about the construction of the coconut oil refinering factory in the Philippines. After factory expansion, the deguming and decoloration section are batching processing and the deodorization section is semi-continuous processing. (Related News: 20TPD Small Coconut Oil refinery Plant Exported to Philippines)

coconut oil refining factory workshop
Factory Workshop
power set of the plant
Power Set of the Plant
ccoconut shells biomass boiler
Biomass Boiler Burning Coconut Shells
Thermal Oil Furnace
Thermal Oil Furnace
virgin coconut oil press
Virgin Coconut Oil Press
overview of the medium scale coconut oil refning factory mill
Overview of the Factory
crude coconut oil tanks outside the mill
Crude Oil Tanks
coconut oil refining machine set
Oil Refining Machine Set
coconut oil refining factory layout design
Refining Pot
effecient leaf filter machine
Leaf Filter
project manager and our clients of the coconut oil refining production
Our Clients and Project Manager

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