Equipment and Cost to Start Oil Refining Business in Nigeria

Almost one-third of Nigerians are involved in agriculture. In fact, before the oil boom in the country, agriculture was the major source of foreign exchange. Recently, there has been a rapid increase in the demand for high quality edible oils in Nigeria. Edible oils are oils gotten from oilseeds and nuts after oil extraction process by mechanical oil press or solvent extraction machine. Nigeria has several oil crops, the most common of which are palm fruit, palm kernel, soybean, corn, castor bean, sunflower, safflower, sesame, groundnuts, and flax seeds. (Related equipment: Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine >>)

start edible oil refining business in Nigeria
Start or Invest Edible Oil Refining Business in Nigeria

Apart from cooking, edible oils are also used for animal feed, preserving leather, furniture polish, hair moisturizer, and soap making. These oils are now even used as biodiesel fuel. With the number of resources available and the demand for edible oils. It is obvious that it is very profitable to start an oil refining business in Nigeria. (Read more: Cooking Oil Production Business Plan >>)

how to start your own production line with best business plan

50TPD Edible Oil Refining Plant Equipment to Nigeria for Business

In order to improve the quality of crude vegetable oils, our client from Nigeria purchased a complete edible oil refining machinery from our company. The whole edible oil refining plant is designed to process crude oils (includes canola oil, cottonseed oil, groundnut oil) into refined oils for sales. Please find the detailed edible oil refining cost at edible oil refinery plant project report

  • Capacity: 50TPD
  • Crude Oils It Process: Rapeseed Oil/Canola Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Groundnut/Peanut Oil;

oil refining machine exported to Nigeria
50TPD Oil Refining Machines to Nigeria

Main Crude Oil Refining Machinery List for Commercial Edible Oil Making

Alkali Refining & Degumming Section Decolorizing Section Deacidification and Deodorization Section
Crude Oil Tank Heater De-aerated Oil Pump
Centrifugal Impact Mixer Decolorizing Tower Oil-oil Heat Exchanger
Crude Oil Filter Vapour-water Separator Bleached Oil Tank
Oil-Oil Heat Exchanger Foam Catcher Compressed Air Tank
Phosphoric Acid Reactor Tank Leaf Filter Thermal Oil Furnace
....... ....... .......

Above just listed parts of the equipment for edible oil refining plant. If you are interested in knowing the whole equipment list or edible oil refining process flow chart, just send us your questions through below inform, our engineers will soon offer the feedback. 

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ABC Machinery has now become one of the largest oil refinery equipment manufacturers in China. The refined oil produced by equipment provided by ABC Machinery is high grade and impurity free and meets the international standards. Our cooking oil processing machine is highly automated and very cost-effective. We have professional installation team to help you set up vegetable oil refinery plant. In these years, we have undertook many edible oil milling project around the world, including Philippines, Nigeria, Thailand, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, Pakistan, Australia, Togo, Chile, etc.  
If you are interested in knowing or buying factory price oil processing machine, Welcome to contact us to get the latest price list for oil refining machines to start or expand your edible oil milling business.  

Why Should Buy Oil Refining Machine for Cooking Oil Business?

After the oil seeds or nuts pass through oil pressing or oil extraction process, the crude oil obtained usually contains a large number of non-oil impurities. These impurities include moisture, wax, colloids, pigment, free fatty acids, stinking substances, or mechanical impurities. They affect the oil's color, taste, transparency, smell, nutrition, and degree of stability. All these factors make the oils inedible and make them spoil easily when stored. So, the crude oil has to be refined to remove all the impurities present. Edible oil refining process must not damage the neutral oil and natural antioxidants, so that the edible oil produced is of high quality. (Read more: Cotton Seed Cake Manufacturing Process  >>)

edible oil refining machines for sale
Oil Refining Plant for Sales

The process of refining crude oil into edible oil is very complex. Refining can be referred to as the "deacidification process." Generally, the refining process covers the following crude oil pretreatment, degumming, deacidifying, decoloring, deodorization, degreasing, and dewaxing. However, the process is also customized based on the oil variety and its uses. For instance, soybeans, sesame, and peanuts will undergo only pretreatment and degumming. Cottonseed requires pretreatment, degumming, and deacidifying. Pretreatment, degumming, deacidifying, decoloring, deodorization, and dewaxing are all steps in producing high-quality edible rice bran oil. (Read more: Soybean Oil Manufacturing Plant Cost >>)

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Start Oil Refining Business in Nigeria

To start an oil refining business in Nigeria, get the best oil refinery equipment from ABC Machinery. All oil mill machinery purchased from ABC Machinery is customized for each customer depending on their needs. Discussions take place to know the best refining process to choose as well as the equipment type and size. The edible oil refining process must match the production capacity of your business. If you have a large capacity refining workshop, a continuous refining plant is recommended. But for small or medium refining workshops, you can make use of a batch or semi-continuous plant.

start cottonseed oil refining business in Nigeria
30TPD Cottonseed Oil Refining Plant
start palm oil refining business in Nigeria
20TPD Palm Oil Refinery Plant

Above all, you must consider the quality of the equipment and how reliable it is. Check for the consumption rate of raw materials, water, steam, and electricity. It is also important to know how labor-intensive they are.

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