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Why Need Oil Filling Machines for Your Edible Oil Manufacturing Business

In addition to focusing on the quality of produced edible oils, more and more cooking oil manufacturers also began to pay attention to the packaging of its products. Oil filling machines are especially indispensable for commercial edible oil mill plant since it offers protection from external factors, ensuring the quality, hygiene, safety and shelf life of cooking oil. And, it can also increase efficiency and productivity, and provide accurate dosage and reduce product loss.  Implementing these machines can significantly optimize operations, improve cost-effectiveness, and uphold the highest standards of quality in the edible oil packaging process. (You may also like: Cooking Oil Manufacturing Plant Cost >>)

As a leading and professional cooking oil processing equipment manufacturer, we can provide a complete set of customized solutions for complete edible oil manufacturing plant setup, including oil pressing, oil refining, oil filling and packaging, and more. If you are interested in edible oil manufacturing business, please contact us for more detailed information!

edible oil bottling and filling solutions
BEST Oil Bottling and Filling Solution for Edible Oil Business


ABC Machinery offers a variety of low-cost filling machines for edible oil production as well as other auxiliary equipment such as conveyors, capping machines and labeling machines to setup a complete edible oil packging line. The selection of edible oil filling machine is based on the viscosity and density of vegetable oils. 

  • Edible Oils Filling by Oils: coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, mustard oil, canola oil, groundnut oil, palm oil, sesame oil, and more.
  • Edible Oil Filling by Volume: 100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 900ml, 1L, 1.5L, 1.8L, 2.5L, 4L, 5L, 8L, 10L, 20L, etc.
  • Edible Oil Filling by Package: PET bottles, glass bottles, tin cans, etc.

Hot Sale Edible Oil Filling Machines

Edible oil filling machines can be divided into several categories according to different specifications and requirements. Here offers a brief introduction of common classification of edible oil filling machines for your reference. 

Classified by Packaging Bottles/Containers Transmission

oil filling machine for edible oil at low cost
Edible Oil Filling Machine - Linear Type
factory price edible oil filling machine
Edible Oil Filling Machine - Rotary Type
  • Linear Type Edible Oil Filling Machine:

Linear type oil filling machine is designed to working in a linear, straight-line fashion. Once started, the bottles or packaging containers are intermittently transferred from one station to another and the filling is completed at the stop. The oil filling process is carried out in a linear sequence, with bottles or containers moving through each station for filling, capping, and other packaging processes. Linear type oil filling machine is featured with flexible configuration and can be easily integrated into existing edible oil production lines. And, it can be custom-made to meet specific requirements. Therefore, it is suitable for dible oil factories with limited space or tight budgets. 

  • Rotary Type Edible Oil filling machine: 

Rotary oil filling machine is designed with a rotating turntable to handle bottles or containers and move them to other oil filling processes. Bottles or containers are loaded onto the carousel and as the carousel rotates, they pass through filling stations where the filling head dispenses edible oils into bottlescontainers. Additional stations for capping, labeling and other packaging processes can also be incorporated into the rotary system. Rotary oil filling machines are known for their high speed production capacity and continuous and efficient filling processes, making them ideal for large scale edible oil production.

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Classified by the Degree of Automation

sem-auto edible oil filling machine for sales
Semi-auto Oil Filling Machine for Edible Oils
automatic oil filling machine manufacturer
Automatic Edible Oil Filling Machine for Sales
  • Semi-automatic Edible Oil Filling Machine

Semi-automatic oil filling machines require some manual intervention and operator assistance during the packaging and filling of edible oil. While certain functions may be automated, such as bottle positioning, filling, and capping, there are manual steps involved, such as placing bottles or containers and removing them after filled and packaged. The oil filling processes are typically controlled by operators so as to ensure proper bottle/container placement and monitoring the whole operation. The semi-automatic edible oil filling machine is suitable for cooking oil processing factories with moderate production volumes and offers a more economical choice when compared to fully automatic machines. At the same time, it provides a balance between manual control and automation, and is more efficient than manual filling methods.

  • Automatic Edible Oil Filling Machine

Automatic oil filling machine is fully automated and operates without significant operator intervention. It is designed complete the whole oil filling process automatically, including container feeding, filling, capping, labeling, and more. Generally, automatic oil filling machine features with advanced sensors and controls to ensure precise and consistent filling, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. It offers improved efficiency, productivity, and accuracy compared to semi-automatic oil filling machines. Therefore, automatic oil filling machine are more suitable for commercial edible oil manufacturing plant with high-volume production which requires less labors, high precision and high speed production

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Edible Oil Filling Production Line at Low Cost

Depending on specific requirements, there are various configurations available for edible oil filling and packaging.

Small Edible Oil Bottling Filling Line

Factory Price Small Edible Oil Bottling, Filling Line

Small edible oil filling line is generally designed with oil filling machine, capping machine and conveying machine.

Automatic Edible Oil Bottling, Filling, Capping, Labelling Line

automatic edible oil bottling filling labelling packing line
Automatic Oil Bottling, Filling, Cappling, Labelling Production Line for Coconut Oils

Complete edible oil filling packing line generally consists of bottle blowing machine, air bottle washer, oil filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, cartoning machine, conveyors, stacking and handling equipment, and more.

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