1500 bottle/hour Coconut Oil Filling Line in Sri Lanka

Project Name: Complete Coconut Oil Filling Line
Production Output: 1500 bottles per hour.
Raw Material: Refined Coconut Oil
Container: Glass Bottle
Bottle Capacity: 225ml, 350ml, 500ml.
Advanced technology: PLC control System

Photos of the Full Scale Oil Bottling Production Project

Bottle Load → Bottle Washing → Bottle Drying → Oil Weighting and Filling → Bottle Capping → Labeling with Non-drying Label

This project is a fully automatic coconut oil filling production line built for our client in Sri Lanka. It is a complete line including bottle washing machine, bottle drying machine, oil filling machine, bottle capping machine, and automatic bottle labeling machine. (Related Project: 20TPD Copra Oil Pressing & Refining Plant in Philippines

complete and automatic edible oil filling production line
Coconut Oil Filling Production Line
start a coconut cooking oil filling produciton plant
Automatic Oil Filling / Bottling Line
bottle feeding machine for sale
Bottle Feeding Machine
bottle washing machine included in the filling project
Bottle Washing Machine
bottle washer included in the filling line
Bottle Waher Inside
bottle dryer
Bottle Dryer
coconut oil filling machine for complete plant
Oil Filling Machine
debugging of the oil filling equiopment
Equipment Debugging
cap feeding machine
Cap Feeding Machine
bottle capping machine
Bottle Capping Machine
labeller equipment
Labeller Equipment
auto bottle labeling machine
Details of the Labeling Machine


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Oil Filling Production Process of the Project

Most part of the production line is made of stainless steel – durable and healthful. It is not only durable and hygienic, but also featured of reliable and stable performance under long time continuous operation. (Related Product: Dehydrated Coconut Oil Processing Machines)

The measuring system adopts high-precision flowmeter and microelectronic numerical control instrument to ensure high precision filling production. The filling capacity can be adjusted freely, easy to control. The height and spacing of each filling head can also be adjusted within a definite range, making the production line suitable for different size of container.

  • I want to know data of Bottle blowing machine and its price.
  • The most important we need to know is how is the size range you want ?
    For example :250mm~2L? 1L~5L ? 2L~20L?
    After this we can give you the price  ...
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