20TPD Copra Oil Pressing & Refinery Plant in Philippines

Recently, a set of copra oil pressing and refinery machine is exported to Philippines. It is ordered by one of our new client. He was planning to set up a small scale copra oil mill with limited budget. The capacity of oil pressing line is 20 tons per day, and the capacity of refining line is 10 tons per day. (Related Project: 20TPD Copra Oil Mill Plant in Philippines)

Copra Oil Pressing and Refinery Plant Photos

View the following onsite photos to know more about this copra oil factory project. If you are looking for cheap and quality equipment for starting a coconut oil making business, don’t hesitate to contact for more details. You are welcome to inquire for customized project plant and equipment cost. (Related News: Small Sized Coconut Oil refinery Plant Exported to Philippines)

coconut copra oil pressing machines in the oil mill
Oil Pressing Machine Debugging
copra coconut oil pressing refinery machine
Oil Filtering Machine
copra oil refinery equipment in the oil processing line
Oil Refinery Equipment Debugging
cooking machine in the oilseed crushing plant
Steam Cooking Machine
copra coconut oil refinery machine in the oilseeds processing plant
Crude Oil Refining Section
refined coconut copra oil
Refined Coconut Copra Oil


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Basic Process of Copra Oil Production

Send the copra (moisture 10%~12%) to the automatic scale and then go through the magnetic chamber to remove iron. Grind the copra to small pieces (about 0.3mm in diameter) by using a crusher, and then send the crushed copra to flaking process and press the particles into thin slices. Then, in conditioning process (steam cooker), the materials will be cooked at about 115 ℃ for 20 min. In this condition, the fat cells break down, the phospholipid precipitated, and the moisture drop to 3%. They are now ready for oil expelling in screw oil mill. Generally, the residual oil of coconut cake is 7%. (Related Product: Copra Oil Expeller Machines for sale)

copra processing production

Steaming and cooking is significant for the efficient running of screw press. The temperature of copra flakes should be controlled at 91~93℃ for a certain time. If the temperature is under 91℃, the oil yield is low, while if the temperature is above 93℃, the color of expelled oil will be dark. The expelled oil will be send to clarification tank and filter machine. The solid dregs will be send back for another expelling and the clarified oil will be mixed with white clay, go through filter press and then be stored for further processing.

Turn the Coconut Oil Cakes into Animal Feed

Coconut oil cakes or meals after oil processing are ideal materials for animal feed production. If you feel interested to know more info click the link to see more details: Making Animal Feed Pellets from Oil Cake

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