Small Scale Niger Seed Oil Extraction Machine Set

This is a 10TPD small Niger Seed oil extraction machine set exported to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Northeast Africa. The capacity is 10 tons per day. The complete seed oil extraction machine set contains seeds cleaning machine, cooking equipment, Niger Seed oil extraction machine and oil filter press. This small oil extraction plant cost around $5000~8000. The parameters of each equipment is different since the client requirement and conditions of the raw materials is different from one to another. So you are welcome to tell us your needs and then we can other your a detailed quotation basiced on your situation.

small niger seed oil extraction plant - screw expeller press machine

The following are some photos of the small oil extraction machine set taken during goods inspection process. For more details of Niger seed oil processing and how to setting up a small seed oil extraction plant, don't hesitate to contact us!

niger seed oil extraction machine set for small scale edible oil production
Niger Seed Oil Press

niger seed oil press and filter press
Oil Expeller and Filter

cooking and cleaning machine of the mini vegetable seed oil extraction line
Cleaning and Cooking Equipment

packaged niger seed oil processing unit - small edible oil plant set

Facts of Niger Seed and Niger Seed Oil

Niger seed is also grown in Northeast India. Niger seed resembles sunflower seeds in shape, and it is also high oil-bearing crops as sunflower seeds, but is smaller in size and black. It is seeds of Guizotia Abyssinica which is grown for processing edible oil from the seeds. 

extracting niger seed oil

Nutritional Components of Niger Seeds

Component Percentage
Oil 30% - 40%
Proteins 10% - 25%
Soluble Sugars 12% - 18%
Crude Fiber 10% - 20%
Moisture 10% - 11%

Fatty acid composition of Niger seed oil

Fatty Acid Percentage
Myristic acid(C14:0) 1.7%-3.4%
Palmitic acid(C16:0) 5.8%-13.0%
Stearic acid(C18:0) 5.0%-7.5%
Oleic acid(C18:1) 13.4%-39.3%
Linoleic acid(C18:2) 45.5%-65.8%
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