Low Temperature Extraction

mini extraction machine for extracting oil, protein, pigment
Mini Extraction Machine Unit for Lab (5~150L)
large extraction machine for processing industrial scale essential oil, protein, pigment
Complete Extraction Production Line (0.5~100Ton/Day)

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Why is Subcritical Extraction So Effective?

The process of extracting should be the best possible method for getting the valuable substances. In this case, Subcritical Extraction shows the most valuable results in extraction technology. It is a procedure with a lot of advantages when comparing to other methods. There are few reasons for this kind of statement. One of them is visibly better extraction that is different in quality and texture. Pigment, plant protein, spice oleoresin and essential oil will be quite different after Subcritical Extraction. That is the most relevant proof of the quality of this kind of extraction.

What Can be Extracted?

what can be extracted by use of subcritical extraction machine

Subcritical extraction technology is widely applied to extract essential oil, herbal oil. Besides it is also ideal choice for geting extracts, pigement, protein and other bioactive substances from plant and animals.

low temperature extraction process for making herbal essential oil
Basic Process of Low Temperature Subcritical Extraction

Key Advantages

Except the mentioned difference in quality, there are many advantages during the laboratory examinations.

Subcritical Extraction Vs. Traditional Solvent Extraction

When we compare Subcritical Extraction with the similar Traditional Solvent Extraction, we can notice that the specific parameters are visible here. Tests show the relevant factors about the extraction. During the Subcritical Extraction, there is no need for additional steam, because only hot water is quite enough. We can save a lot of heat energy this way. In addition, the quantity of solvent consumption is much lower, which is important for processing of raw materials.

  Residual oil less than 1%; Residual solvent less than 50ppm;
  No Need Steam, Only 90℃ Hot Water is Fine. Saves more than 70% of heat energy;
  With subcritical extraction machine, the residual meals have higher nutritional and biological activity ingredient. It is actually a low temperature extracting process (normal temperature extraction and low temperature desolventizing). All heat sensitive components are fully protected and remain original. Due to its high nutritive value and commercial value, the extraction residual meal is the ideal materials for extracting protein and making senior animal feed.
  Low Solvent Consumption: only 4~8kg solvent is needed for processing per ton of raw material.
  High Extraction Ratio: Ideal processing technic for extracting precious oil, vegetable protein and natural pigment.
  Zero Discharge, No Pollution.

Subcritical Extraction Vs. Supercritical Extraction

Subcritical Extraction is not better than Traditional Solvent Extraction only. It is also more effective than Supercritical Extraction. You may wonder how this is possible. The answers are coming from the specific tests.

  Low Price and Production Costs;
  Applicable for Large Industrial Scale production; (0.5~200Ton/Day)

They all prove that Subcritical Extraction requires less production costs and smaller investment. It also has the whole range of Supercritical Extraction qualities like CO2 extraction. When all these possibilities combine, we get the most versatile extraction procedure. This is why most business owners decide to get the Subcritical Extraction device.

Future of the Subcritical Low Temperature Extraction

If we look a little bit deeper, we can see a bright future of Subcritical Extraction. Most large scale production businesses need this kind of device in order to get the most essential substance. With this kind of device, the substance is more extracted and the quality is much better. When we consider these advantages, we must say Subcritical Extraction device can be able to replace any other similar device on the market nowadays. The extraction gets a new dimension and the business owners get the best products. It is no wonder why popularity of this device increases each day. It is the most effective way of getting the essential substance during the right extraction.

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