10TPD Palm Oil Fractionation Plant Built in Cote D'Ivoire

Project Name: Small Scale Palm Oil Fractionation Plant
Production Capacity: 10 Ton per Day
Processing Flowchart (Dry Fractionation): Palm Oil → Heating → Cooling → Filtering → Separated Palm Olein and Palm Stearin.

This small palm oil fractionation plant is built for one of our old client. About 3 years ago, we helped him build a 10TPD coconut oil refinery line. The line was fully operational and in good condition after constructed in 2012. However, due to some factors of local marketing, our client decided to turn to crude palm oil refining business. He came to us and told us his plan. The previous refinery line was adjusted in order to adapt palm oil processing and a set of 10TPD palm oil fractionation equipment was added.

Onsite Photos of the Palm Oil Fractionation Line

View the photos below to know more about the reconstructed palm oil refinery and fractionation plant. (Related News: Palm Kernal Oil Machine Exported to Nigeria)

palm oil fractionation plant for small production
Project Under Construction
palm oil fractionation workshop for small factor
Finished Palm Oil Fractionation Workshop
filter press machine for palm oil fractionating process
Filter Press Machine
palm oil crystallizing tank
Crystallizing Tank
PLC system of the palm oil fractionation line
Designed with PLC System
small scale fractionation plant for palm oil
Water Cooling System
Conductive Oil Furnance System
Conductive Oil Furnance System
Mini Palm OIl Fractionation Factory
Onsite Photo
palm oil filtering
The Oil Flow Out after Filtering
Palm Oil after Fractionation
Palm Oil after Fractionation
Palm Stearin Soap
Palm Stearin Soap
lab equipment for the small plant
Lab Equipoment


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Details of the Palm Oil Fractionation Line

This is small scale palm oil production process adopts dry fractionation technology. The whole process is controlled by fully automatic PLC. The control of the crystallization process is realized by controlling the temperature of the cooling water in the crystallization tank coil and cooling water temperature. The cooling water temperature is controlled by a PLC based temperature sensor. From the computer display, the cooling water temperature curve and palm oil crystallization temperature curve can be observed visually, hereby ensuring smooth, steady decline of the curve, and get the ideal crystallization curve. The process is simple, easy to operate, low in steam consumption, no environmental pollution, and can get satisfactory results.

Palm oil is one of the most successful oil development in recent years. It has good performance. When comparing with other oils and fats, palm oil has many advantages in technology and economy. The content of saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids in palm oil is about 50%, given the palm oil better oxidation stability than other vegetable oils, so the palm oil can be used as frying oil. The effective way to make the best use of palm oil is fractionation and make a variety of products. (You maybe also interested: Palm Kernel Oil Exepller for Sale)

customer visit
Customer Visit Photos

The Fractionation of Palm Oil

The fatty acids in palm oil triglycerides varies in length and unsaturated degree, so that palm oil contains a considerable amount of low melting point and high melting point of glyceride. Palm oil fractionation is a process to separate the palm oil into low melting point liquid phase (soft fat) and high melting point solid phase (hard fat) by controlling the cooling crystallization process. Fractionation can divided palm oil in three components: palm stearine, palm olein and palm midfraction. The stearin is mainly S3, β-POP, β-PPO triglyceride. The mid-fraction is mainly β-POP. And the soft fat is mainly SU2 and U3 glycerides. The melting point of stearic is generally 50 ℃ and it is about 24 ℃ for soft fat.

Application of Palm Oil Fractionation

  • Palm Stearine: It is suitable for making margarine and shortening. It will not result in slow crystallization, greasy and post-hardening, and greatly improve the plastic range of fat. For example, 70% of the stearin and 30% of rapeseed oil are combined with good oxidation stability, being good bread oil before ester exchange and good frying oil after ester exchange.
  • Palm Olein: Soft fact is excellent frying oil.
  • Mid-fraction: The melting point of middle part is narrow and close to human body temperature, but can be used as cocoa substitute.

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Main Palm Oil Fractionation Method

There are 3 kinds of palm oil fractionation methods: dry method, wet method (solvent) and surface surfactant fractionation. The application of these methods depends mainly on the physical properties and chemical properties of the desired soft lipid and stearin. Different physical and chemical properties of stearin can be obtained by changing the methods and conditions of the fractionation process. At the same time, some soft fat can be obtained.

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