1.5 TPH Oil Palm Fiber Pelletizing Plant in Malaysia

Project Name: Palm Fiber Pelletizing Plant
Plant Location: Malaysia
Raw Material: Oil Palm Fiber
Production Output: produce 1.5 ton pellets per hour
Palm Fiber Pelletizing Process: drying (optional), crushing, pelleting, cooling, packing.

palm fiber to biomass pellets
Palm Fibter to Biomass Pellets

Photos of the Palm Fiber Pelletizing Plant Process

This is a project designed and built for one of our client in Malaysia. View the following photos about the equipment and project construction. Welcome contact us if you have any questions or interested to know the equipment price and project cost! We are always here to help you.

palm fiber pelletizing plan tprocess for manufacturing biofuel pellets
Project Under Construction
palm fiber pelletizing process for full scale production line
Details of the Fiber Crushing and Pelletizing Machine
palm fiber pellet plant process and equipment layout
Pelletizing Section
palm wastes pelletizing plant project
Client of this Palm Fiber Processing Project

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Facts about Palm Fiber Pellets

There are many different kinds of palm wastes available for biomass pelletizing process, including empty fruit bunches (EFB), palm fiber (Mesocarp) and oil palm tree trunk. EFB pellets are the most common kind in the world market. Actually, palm residues can not only be made into pellets, but also can be made into large briquettes.

palm pellets raw materials
Empty Fruit Bunches (left), Palm Mesocarp Fiber (middle), Palm Trunk (right)

  • EFB Pellets: They are made from empty fruit bunches which are the main by-product of palm oil mill.
  • Mesocarp Fiber Pellets: They are made from the Mesocarp Fibre of palm fruit, which is a kind of short fiber.
  • Trunk Pellets: The residue palm tree trunk wastes can be sent to pelletizing plant for manufacturing trunk pellets.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Biomass pelletizing plant can turn different kinds of oil palm wastes into biofuel pellets. The pelletizing process generally includes crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling and packing. For details elaboration and production and equipment cost, you are welcome to contact us! Tell us you specific needs and situation, then we can offer you customized pelletizing solution with cost budgeting.

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