Small Animal Feed Pellet Mill for Sale

Our ZLSP series animal feed pellet mill is designed for mini or small scale poultry / cattle feed production. The capacity of single machine is 60~1100kg/h. It is hot sale in small poultry farm and also good choice for making your own feed pellets at home.

small animal feed mill machine for making fodder pellets at home on farm

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Parameters of Our Small Poultry / Cattle / Livestock / Aquiculture Feed Pellet Machine

The driving force of this machine has 4 options for you: electric engine, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO (power-taken-off) type. They can process almost all kinds of raw materials for feed manufacturing, such as grain, oil-cakes and grass. What’s more, you can make feed pellets with different length and diameter by simply changing different size of pelletizing die in the equipment.

make cattle poultry feed pellets in small scale

  • Model A (diesel engine driven type)
diesel feed pellet mill for producing small scale pellets for poultry cattle
Type Power (Hp) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package Size (mm)
ZLSP 120A 8Hp 60-100 120/140 900x500x730
ZLSP 150A 8Hp 90-120 180/220 1000x500x750
ZLSP 200A 15Hp 200-300 210/240 1460x750x900
ZLSP 230A 22Hp 300-400 280/310 1560x850x1000
ZLSP 260A 30Hp 400-600 330/360 1200x500x1070
ZLSP 300A 41Hp 600-800 410/450 1220x600x1000
  • Model B (motor driven type)
small sized electric animal feed pellet mill for home use
Type Power Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package Size (mm)
ZLSP 120B Three phase 3kw / single phase 2.2kw 60-100 80/100 750x320x680
ZLSP 150B Three phase 4kw 90-120 95/110 800x450x700
ZLSP 200B Three phase 7.5kw 200-300 200/230 1650x820x1200
ZLSP 230B Three phase 11kw 300-400 290/320 1050x480x930
ZLSP 260B Three phase 15kw 400-600 320/360 1180x540x1000
ZLSP 300B Three phase 22kw 600-800 350/380 1240x540x950
  • Model C (motor driven type, the engine is covered)
electric small poultry feed pellet mill for making pellets on farm
Type Power Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package Size (mm)
ZLSP 150C Three phase 4kw 90-120 105/125 1000x480x780
ZLSP 200C Three phase 7.5kw 200-300 210/230 1050x550x830
ZLSP 230C Three phase 11kw 300-400 290/320 1200x560x950
ZLSP 260C Three phase 15kw 400-600 340/370 1240x580x1000
ZLSP 300C Three phase 22kw 600-800 420/465 1300x620x1100
  • Model Q (gasoline engine driven type by the shell)
gasoline engine small feed pellet mill for sale with cheap price
Type Power (Hp) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package Size (mm)
ZLSP 120Q 7.5Hp 60-100 120/140 900x500x730
ZLSP 150Q 10Hp 60-120 180/220 1000x500x750
  • Model P (pto / power-taken-off type)
power taken off small sized feed pellet mill machine for home use
Type Power (Hp) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package Size (mm)
ZLSP 150P ≥8Hp 90-120 105/125 900x540x1020
ZLSP 200P ≥15Hp 200-300 210/230 1000x540x1020
ZLSP 230P ≥22Hp 300-400 290/320 1000x540x1020
ZLSP 260P ≥30Hp 400-600 340/370 1050x540x900
ZLSP 300P ≥41Hp 600-800 425/465 1100x540x1000

Start a Mini Animal Feed Pellets Manufacturing Business

  • Capacity: 600kg/h to 1000kg/h;
  • Pellets Diameter Rang: 2mm to 8mm;
  • Application: Used designing feed pellets for feeding cattle, geese, pig, duck, fish, chicken, sheep, rabbit, and other animals, livestock and poultry.

If you need more than a single pellet mill, you might planning for setting up an automatic small scale animal feed pellet production line and start your own pellets making business. The following small plant should be your best choice. (See more details of the small feed pellet plant >>)

animall feed pellet mill manufacturer offered mini feed mill plant

how to start your own production line with best business plan

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