2TPH Saw Dust Pallet Plant in Slovakia

Project Name: Saw Dust Pallet Plant
Plant Location: Slovakia
Raw Material: Saw Dust
Output of the Pellet Production: Produce 2 ton sawdust pellets per hour.
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Pellet plant refers to a complete production line that are built for processing biomass and wood wastes into biofuel pellets. Some people used to call it pallet plant.

Here are some onsite photos of the project when finished construction. View the photos below to know more about this project! If you are interested in setting up such a pallet plant, welcome contact us so that we can show you more details of our equipment and projects. (Similar Project: 1 ton/h Wood Pellet Production Equipment in UK )

sawdust pallet plant for making biofuel pellets
Full View of the Project
business plan for complete saw dust pallet mill plant
Full View of the Plant
sawdust pallet plant project report
Drying Section
saw dust pallet plant cost and equipment layout design
Pelletizing Section
best sawdust pallet plant manufacturer and supplier
Final Pellets Packing Section
electric control of the wood pallet production line
Electric Control Room
sawdust pallet manufacturing line photogroup
Our Engineer and Field Workers
sawdust pellets produced by the production plant
Produced Sawdust Pellets


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How Many Pellets Can I Get from a ton of Biomass Material?

Well there are various factors which determine the quantity of biomass pellets produced and some of them are:

  • The Cleanliness of The Biomass Materials

The cleanliness of the raw materials you are using for pallet production will always determine the quantity of pellets you will produce. The higher the cleanliness of the raw materials being used the more biomass pellets you get from the raw materials. Therefore make sure you always use clean raw materials.

  • The Moisture Content of The Raw Materials

There is a very thin line between the moisture content in the raw materials and the biomass pellet production output. The acceptable moisture content is between 8% to 15% and as much as drying can leave the materials completely dry, make sure you always maintain the content between this range. The higher the moisture content the raw materials have the lower the pellets you will get from them.

  • The Pellet Machine You Choose

Just relying on the moisture level and the cleanliness of the raw materials for high production of the wood pellets is not enough to guarantee you maximum production. The type of pellet machine you are using is also very important when it comes to quantity and quality of the pellets. Reliable pallet machine in cooperate the ring die and the roller in a perfect way thus attaining over 95% production rate. So the type of wood pellet machine you choose plays a major role in the amount of pellets produced. 

how to start your own production line with best business plan

The above factors play a major role in saw dust pallet plant especially on the output quantity and quality, but there effects vary depending on different situations.

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