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Sugarcane is crushed to extract the liquid juice it contains. After extracting the juice, fibers are left behind as the byproduct, and these are called bagasse. At least three tonnes of bagasse are gotten from every ten tonnes of sugarcane crushed. As a result, many sugar companies are stuck with large amounts of bagasse. Although some of them have started to use bagasse to power their factories, they still have large quantities left. As a result, a more profitable solution was found: to make bagasse into biomass pellet. The bagasse pellets can be sell or just for factory use. The sugarcane bagasse pellets price is stable and keeps rising, which attracts many investors. (Read more: Biomass Pellet Business Plan >>)

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Turn Waste Sugarcane Bagasse into Biomass Pellets for Money

Since we get bagasse from sugarcane, it is a tree-free renewable resource. In addition, the pellets produce a low amount of ash and have high calorific values ranging from 3400–4200 kilocalories. These properties make them an excellent choice of fuel. The demand for bagasse has since increased with the discovery of its uses. They are now used for heating homes and offices, electricity generation, as well as replacing coal in industrial boilers. 

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Biomass Pellet Machine for Bagasse Pellet Making - Latin America Project

One of our clients from Guatemala the prospect of biomass fuel development and want to seize this business opportinity to enter biomass pellet industry since there has abundant biomass raw materials, like bagasse, wood sawdust, etc. After long time discussion and negotiation on technicals, equipment, cost and installtion and commission, etc, he finally decided to set up a lage biomass pellet plant using bagasse. (Read more: Biomass Pellet Machine Price >>)

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Bagasse Pellet Machine at Factory Price
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Conveyors for Bagasse Pellet Plant Production
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Bagasse Pellet Bagging Machine for Packaging
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Hammer Mill for Biomass Bagasse Pellet Manufacturing


The capacit of the bagasse pellet plant is designed about 3~4tons per hour. After completion, this bagasse pellet plant starts from bagasse processing to bagasse pellets packaging. The whole bagasse pellet production processes are fully automatic. Check bagass pellet making machines at our factory before delivery. (Similar case: 2TPH Biomass Pellet Manufacturing Plant to Philippines >>)

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Commercial Bagasse Pellet Plant Equipment Working Video

For bagasse pellet production, we do have rich experiences about bagasse pelletizing. We have helped our customers to set up a bagasse pellet plant in Ghana at relatively low cost. Now this project has gained profits and runs very well. In addition, we have built many biomass pellet plant projects around the world, include Guatemala, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistion, Peru, Russia, Morocco, United Kingdom, etc. Our professional technical engineers and experienced installation staff, the bagasse pellet mill factory we build not only save time, money and energy, but also guarantee the quality for long-term production. Welcome to contact us to get bagass pellet plant cost.

Bagasse Pellet Production Machine and Process for Business

  • Drying - Rotary Dryer

Fresh bagasse usually has a moisture content of around 48-50%. So, the first step is to reduce this moisture content to around 12%. Otherwise, the excess moisture would remain during the bagasse pelletizing processes, causing the surface of the pellets to become rough. Rotary dryer is used to dry the bagasse. While small scale pellet mill might use other types of dryers, industrial dryers are used for very large quantities of bagasse. Industrial dryers use hot gas to reduce the moisture content.

  • Crushing - Hammer Mill

After properly drying the bagasse, the next step is to cut the material into smaller sizes. The material is usually cut into pieces of about 3-5 mm. Hammer mill crusher is used for crushing bagasse. The machine has a large hammer that pounds the bagasse into smaller pieces.

  • Pelletizing - Pellet Mill Machine

This is the most important step in bagasse pellet making. Therefore, you should buy the best biomass pellet machine possible. The crushed bagasse is just poured into the pellet machine. Many of the machines have mechanisms that prevent them from spilling or wasting materials. They are also able to withstand vibration, so that the pellets formed are of high quality. The pellet shapes required are formed using a ring die. (You may also like: Wood Pellet Machine for Home Use >>)

  • Cooling and Sieving - Cooler & Siever

After making the pellets, they are cooled and sieved. There also need to purchase a cooler. Pellet manufacturers have sieving units that are big enough to handle large volumes of pellets at a time.

  • Packaging - Automatic Package Machine

Packaging is the last step in bagasse pellet making. There are wood pellet bagger that are used for this process. Pellets are usually packed in bags varying from 15 kg to 50 kg. After this, the pellets are ready to be sold to customers.

All the machines needed for bagasse pellet making are available at ABC Machinery. We are the top biomass pellet mill machines manufacturer. Bagasse pellet making machines are available in small and large sizes depending on your production capacity. We also provide after-sales services to customers such as servicing and staff training. If you are interested in bagasse pellet making or other biomass pellet production, send your requirements and then you will soon get the latest quotation!

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