1~2TPH Wood Sawdust Pellet Manufacturing Project Setup in Indonesia

Indonesia's energy consumption has grown rapidly over the past decade since the economic recovery from the Asian financial crisis in 1998. The top priority of Indonesia's energy policy is to reduce fuel consumption and use of renewable energy. For power generation, it is important to use biomass waste to change the consumption of fossil fuels and increase electricity generation to meet the country's needs. Accelerating the development of renewable energy is one of the primary goals of Indonesia. (Read more: How to Make Wood Pellets from Sawdust?)

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Wood Pelletizing Solutions Discussion with Indonesia Customers - ABC Machinery

All of these provide great opportunity for biomass pelletizing business in Indonesia. For investors, seizing this business opportunity to set up a complete wood pellet plant can be great step to enter into biomass industry, the most promising sector in human’s furture development. Here provides a very sucessful wood pellet plant project we built 10 years a ago for reference. (Related post: Biomass Pellet Project Cost >>)

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Wood Pelletizing Project Report: Sawdust Pellet Making Plant Setup in Indonesia

commercial sawdust pelletizing plant setup in Indonesia

  • Country: Indonesia
  • Capacity: 1~2 tons per hour
  • Raw Materials: Sawdust and Wood Chips
  • Final Products: Wood Pellets
  • Main Sawdust Pellet Manufacturing Equipment: Hammer Mill, Ring Die Pellet Mill, Cooling Machine, Rotary Sizing Screen, Screw Conveyor, etc. 
sawdust for pellets making business
Sawdust for Wood Pellets Making
hammer mill for sawdust pelletizing plant
Hammer Mill
sawdust pellet mill machine for sales in Indonesia
Sawdust Pelletizer Machine
wood pellets packaging machine
Wood Pellets Packaging Machine
PLC controlling system for sawdust pelletizing projects
PLC Control System for Wood Pellet Plant
wood pellets produced by sawdust
Wood Pellets Produced by Sawdust Pelletizing Plant

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Wood Sawdust Pellet Plant Project Setup in Indonesia

Rich Biomass Raw Materials in Indonesia

Indonesia is abundant in biomass raw materials, including wood logs/chips/sawdust/shavings, rice husk, sugarcane bagasse, coconut shell, palm kernel shell and more. 

making biomass pellets business in Indonesia
Biomass Pelletizing & Briquetting Materials in Indonesia

Wood Pelletizing & Biomass Briquetting Project:
1. Complete Wood Pelletizing Plang Projects
2. Small Rice Husk Pellet Mill Machine to France
3. 4TPH Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine to Guatemala
4. 1.5 TPH Palm Fiber Pelletizing Plant In Malaysia
5. Coconut Shell Briquetting Plant to Philippines

ABC Machienry has all the practical experiences in turning these raw materials into biomass pellets or briquettes. If you are interested in knowing the detailed pelletizing or briquetting process and corresponding equipment and related cost, just contact us for more biomass pelletizing plant or biomass briquetting plant project report!

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