Coconut Shell Briquetting Machine Exported to the Philippines

Recently, a set of GC-MBP-1000 briquetting machine for rice husk and coconut shell was exported to one of our customer in the Philippines who own a local factory. There is a boiler in his factory which uses firewood as fuel. However, he wants to replace traditional firewood with wood briquettes. So he bought this rice husk and coconut shell briquetting press for making his own briquettes.

coconut shell briquetting machine for industrial scale production line
Biomass Briquetting Machine
biomass briquetting machine electric cabinet
Electric Cabinet

This briquetting machinery was manufactured for making biomass briquettes from various wood wastes and agricultural residues including rice straw, rice hull, coffee husk, cotton stalk…

Shape of Briquettes: Cylinder in any length.
Diameter of Briquettes:70mm, 30mm, 22mm, 10mm, 8mm
Capacity: 500~800kg/h
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rice husk briquetting machine details making pellets and briquettes
Briquette Machine Details
wood briquetting machine spare parts, punching bar and briquetting mould
Main Spare Parts
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Goods Loading
crip straw briquetting machine in container
Equipment in Container

Thanks to advancement in technology, it is now possible to make briquettes from biomass wastes such as rice husks, corn stalk, peanut shell, coffee husks and coconut shells. The piston briquette machine which you can also call a punching or stamping biomass briquette press is the equipment that enables this as it is designed to transform biomass wastes into solid briquettes.

Make Pellets and Briquettes in One Machine

making briquettes and pellets

You can make different dimensions of the pellets! depending on the size that you are comfortable with the least being 8mm and the maximum size is 70mm. The products are quite useful as they are mostly used to produce electricity in various steam power plants, and they can also be used to heat boilers in industries among many other purposes. (Related Product: Screw Pressing Briquette Machine)

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coconut shell, risce husk, corn straw

The husks are not the only raw material that can be used to produce fuel as an individual can also opt to use coconut shells to come up with the pellets or briquettes that people can use as a source of fuel. The products produced by the machine can last for a very long time due to the rigorous process that they go through. Note that the device is also made from top-notch material, allowing you to produce the briquettes for many years without complications of wear and tear. You will not have to worry about high power bills when using the machine as it does not use a lot of power for its operations. It also requires little attention when it comes to maintenance.

To understand how the rice husk and coconut shell briquette machine works, it is worth noting that it makes use of compression technology that happens in two stages in a bid to produce the finest quality pellets. The process includes pre-pressing as well as piston stamping. The mechanics also have superior operations as they are well lubricated to cool the moving parts adequately. You can make the briquettes into various shapes depending on what the user prefers. These end products can be transported with ease.

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