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Large Scale Pellet Production Plant

portable pellet plant
Portable Pellet Plant
crushing unit of pellet plant
Crushing Unit
drying unit of pellet plant
Drying Unit
pelletizing unit
Pelletizing Unit
pellets cooling unit
Cooling Unit
bagging unit
Bagging Unit

Typical Wood Pellet Plant Process

The typical wood pellet production process: Log → Log Splitting → Wood Chipping → Wood Crushing → Drying → Pelletizing →Cooling &Sieving→Pellets Packing

ABC Machinery is well experienced in designing and building pellet plants. All equipment relevant to building a wood pellet production line can be offered by ABC Machinery, i.e. log splitter, wood chipper, crusher, dryer, pellet mill, cooler and packager. We also offer evaluation, customization, installation & debugging services, so that to ensure the wood pellet plant operate at the maximum productivity and help our clients get the best results.

pelletizing plant process
Basic Wood Pellet Production Process
Capacity Range from 500kg/H to 30T/H

Capable to Process Different Biomass Materials

Our pellet line is capable to process multiple kinds of biomass materials which gives you the flexibility to choose the most economic raw material based on availability and price. Below are suitable raw materials for pelletizing.

  • Wood Materials: Wood log (such as pinewood, rubber tree, eucalyptus, robinia pseudoacacia, salix), wood chips, shavings and sawdust.
  • Agricultural Raw Materials: Straw (such as maize straw, wheat straw, canola straw, cotton straw…), Chaff (such as rice husk, rice bran, wheat husk…), Peanut Shell, Reed, Bagasse, Pineapple Peel, soybean stem…
  • Others: Palm fiber, Palm Kernel Shell (PKS), Coconut Shells, Waste Paper, Moso Bamboo, Grass (such as alfalfa, The giant king grass, elephant grass) and other biomass rubbish.
BPM 42 & 508 wood pellet mill
BPM 42 & 508 wood pellet mill

This wood pellet mill for sale is ideal biomass pellet making machine. It is featured of smooth operation, hig...

BPM 35 wood pellet machine
BPM 35 wood pellet machine

This ring die wood pellet machine for sale is featured of smooth operation, highcapacity, low noise, vibration...

log splitter
log splitter

This log splitter machine for sale is one of the common machinery for complete wood pelletizing plant. Horizon...

wood chipper
wood chipper

This drum type wood chipper for saleis the best chipping machine for industrial wood processing. It can produc...

hammer mill
hammer mill

This set of wood hammer mill for sale can grind/milling all kinds of crude fiber and large lump wood materials...

drum dryer
drum dryer

This rotary drum type dryer machine is designed specifically for biomass processing production including wood/...

pellet cooler
pellet cooler

SKLN counter-flowcooler which is an advanced wood pellet cooling machine used for cooling particle material, i...

wood pellet bagger
wood pellet bagger

This bagging machine is a semi-auto wood pellet bagger. It is specially designed for quantitative pellet packi...

Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill Machine
Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill Machine

The new vertical ring die pellet machine is the latest technology wood pellets making machine in China. The st...

  • I ask the price of a complete wood pellet plant 1 ton per hour. We currently have a complete sawmill in Oberá Misiones Argentina. We have dry sawdust 8-10% and wet sawdust from the sawmill multiple saws.
  • We have checked your raw material, its size is not uniformity, so it is better to match one hammer mill before pelletizing. And for your raw material with 10%-12%, it is no need to match dryer.  Pls refer to email attachment for the offer we make for you according to your raw material. Kindly check whether it meet your demand.
  • My name is Indera, from Indonesia, I'm interested in your wood and efb pellet machine. I'm looking for production line around 2 tons per hour. I've seen your machine line in your website and I'm very ineterested in it. Would you mind provide me with a quotation on the 2 tons per hour line?
  • For the pellet mill with capacity 1.5-2t/h, you can use our BPM508 pellet mill. Pls refer to attachment for the quotation. Kindly check whether it meet your demand. We tested the palm fibre using our pellet mill before, its result is very good. Moreover, its capacity can reach about 1.8t/h. Pls refer to the attached opearion video.
    For the complete line, pls refer to attachment for the offer of 1.5-2t/h we sold to Malaysia. I changed a little such as motor volt. Kindly check whether it meet your demand. I also send the photos of our project for your reference.
  • Our company wants to buy 3 complite wood pellete line with capacity about 500-700 kgh of the each one. The raw material is the wood sawdust. Please quote me the price and other conditions of the delivery also we need the technical data, spare parts and photos of the equipment.
  • Thanks for your inquiry in our wood pellet line. Can you inform the size and moisture of your wood sawdust? then we can check whether we need match hammer mill and dryer for you according to your raw material.  Enclosed pls refer to photos of 500-700kg/h pellet line we built in Hungary. It is just 3 complete pellet lines with capacity 500-700kg/h each line.
  • We are interested in the purchase of equipment for the production of pellets with annual capacity of 200,000 tons. Please send me a catalog of machines, complete production lines and machines individually. Along with cost and technical data. All machines must have a CE certificate.
  • Pls refer to attachment for catalogue of our machines, kindly inform which model meet your demand.
    Yes, all our pellet mills and complete pellet producing line have CE Certificate from SGS. Pls refer to attachment for it.
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