drum dryer

This rotary drum type dryer machine is designed specifically for drying system of biomass wood pellet production. It is mainly composed of combustion fan, calcining furnace, screw conveyor, dryer, dust-collecting fan, temperature sensor. Both the main dryer and calcining furnace are equipped with temperature sensor. The screw conveyor is equipped with speed setter. The calciner is designed with combustion air duct.

This wood dryer machine offers an effective solution to the biomass drying process, solved the drawbacks of traditional drum dryer such as drying uneven and insufficient. It is widely be used to dry various different biomass powdery materials including sawdust and bamboo powder. This biomass drying machine is featured of simple operation, high fuel efficiency, uniform drying and low dust emission concentration.

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Model Φ0.8×10m φ1.2×10m φ1.5×11m φ1.8×11m φ1.8×14m Φ2.0×15m
Air fan power 15kw 22kw 30kw 45kw 45kw 45kw
Inner diameter 800mm 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm 1800mm 2000mm
Length 10m 10m 11m 11m 14m 15m
Temperature of inlet air 180-350℃ 180-350℃ 180-350℃ 180-350℃ 180-350℃ 180-350℃
Temperature of outlet air 90-100℃ 90-100℃ 90-100℃ 90-100℃ 90-100℃ 90-100℃
Biomass drying is very different from slime drying. Biomass drying has many specific requirements on drying temperature, feed rate, and fuel usage. So it is necessary to design a biomass dryer or wood dryer to specially be used for biomass processing which can only only retain the advantages of drum dryer, but also can achieve good drying effect on biomass materials.

pelletizing line

Drying System of Biomass Pelletizing Line

Drying machine includes drum dryer, the three return dryer, intermittent dryer, direct heat dryers and other types. Drum dryer is the most commonand widely used one in industrial production such as biomass pelletizing line. Drum dryer is also known as cylinder dryer or rotary dryer.

Main Structure of Biomass Drum Dryer

Structure of Biomass Drum Dryer
  1. Main Dryer Machine
  2. Calciner
  3. Screw Conveyor
  4. Temperature Sensor
  5. Dust-collecting Fan
  6. Belt Conveyor
  7. Main Drive Gear
  8. Combustion Air Duct
  9. Combustion Air Blower

Advantages of Drum dryer

  High thermal efficiency, low consumption;
  Match with a variety of combustion furnace.
  Simple Structure, easy operation.
  Low cost and easy maintenance.
  Greater capacity.
  Less malfunctions, easy maintenance and convenient to repair.

This wood dryer machine offers an effective solution to the biomass drying process, solved the drawbacks of traditional drum dryer such as drying uneven and insufficient.After drying, the moisture content of biomass materials is lower than 7%, black smokeless thanRingelmannGrade I,dustconcentration less than 80 milligrams per cubic meter. In a word, this drum dryer has obvious advantages compared with traditional drum dryer.

Drying Effects Biomass Drum Dryer Traditional Drum Dryer
Moisture Content(%) 7~8 10~13
Black Smoke (Ringelmann Grade) 1 >1
Smoke Density (mg/m3) 75~80 120~150
Fuel Efficiency (%) ≈100 90~95
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