wood pellet bagger

This bagging machine isasemi-autowood pellet bagger including automatic weighting, bag-filling,pushing bags, transporting and sealing. It is featured of excellent stability, easy-assembling, easy-operation, compact structure and easy-maintenance. It is widely applied to complete biomass pellet plant.

Main Structures: Filling system, weighting balance, belt conveyor, semi-auto hot sealing Machine (by foot switch), and electronic control cabinet.

Wood Pellet Bagging Process: Manual Bag Placing → Auto Filling → Auto Weighting → Auto Bag Discharge → Auto Bag Conveyor → Semi-Auto Bag Hot Sealing

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This bagger is specially designed for quantitative pellet packing system of pellet plant.Adopt free dropping fed system. The wood pellets directly go into the bag, no jam, no sticking.

Precision +/-0.2%
Packing speed 100~200bags per hour
Weighing scale 10kg-50kg per bag
Power Supply 220Va.c and 4N-380Va.c
Power Dissipation 1.5kW
Compressed Air 0.4MPa0.6MPa
Compressed Air Consume 0.5m3 per hour

There are plenty of automatic bagging machines for sale on the market. Which is suitable for wood pellet production? How to pick a pellet packing machine with good cost performance? Below is three basic points for the ones who are pellet bagger buyers.

Cost Performance: Brand is reliable but expensive. And cheap may means the risk of low quality. So try to balance the brand and price.

Degree of Automation: high automatic bagging machine have higher capacity but also means higher price. So you should consider that what is suitable to your situation. For small or medium scale pellets production, semi-auto bagging machine is totally enough.

Bagging Precision and Quality: Bagging precision and quality are both important.

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