10TPD Sunflower Oil Pressing & 3TPD Refining Plant in Moldova

This is a complete set of sunflower oil processing machine ordered by one of our client in Moldova, including equipment for seeds hulling, cooking, oil expelling, sieving, oil filtering, oil refining, bottling and labeling. It is turnkey project of 10TPD oil pressing and 3TPD refining. The refined sunflower seeds oil are bottled and labeled finally, ready for sale directly.

Sunflower Oil Processing Machine Photos

View the following photos of the sunflower oil processing machines included in the projects. If you are interested to get detailed information about our sunflower oil processing machines or feel like to get a customized project plan, you are welcome to contact us! (info@abcmach.com). You can get detailed answer in one business day.

how to build a sunflower oil processing factory
Sunflower Oil Factory
full scale sunflower seed oil processing line
Sunflower Oil Processing Plant
sunflower seeds cleaning machine
Seeds Cleaning Equipment
sunflower seeds crushing machine
Seeds Crushing Equipment
sunflower oil processing machine included in the plant
Sunflower Oil  Press
small oil filter press machine
Oil Filtering Press
extract oil from sunflower seeds
Oil Tanks
sunflower oil processing business plan
Heat Conducting Oil Furnace
stainless steel sunflower oil refining machine set
Refinery Unit
crude oil refining section of the small factory
Refinery Unit
refined sunflower seed oil
Oil from Filter Press
refined oil test equipoment
Refined Oil and Test Equipment
bottle labeling machine for small oil production plant
Labeling Machine
our engineers and client
Our Engineers and Clients


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The necessity of Sunflower Seed Shelling Process

Shelling of the sunflower seedlings is necessary in oil mill plant to reduce the impurity and also the shell content of the final oil yield. The shell content in the final product should be highly regulated because:

  • It contains between 0.4% - 10.7% of wax, this is about 75% of the total wax content of the seed This means that the oil produced from sunflower seed processed with shell will contain a higher wax content (0.02% - 0.35%) compared to the oil produced from the seed processed without the shell (0.011% - 0.015%). Too much wax in the oil produced has a great impact during oil refining.
  • The seed shell absorbs oil leading to oil loss and therefore less output. When measured, the oil content in the shell doubles the oil content of the cake in the pressed pulp. This can be seen in an example where the residual content of a pressed oil cake is 10% - 13%, the shells oil content is 24% - 28%. In another example, while the residual oil content of the oil cake is 5%, the oil content in the sunflower seed shell doubles that to about 8% - 9%.
  • The shell of the sunflower seed contains 60% coarse fiber. When the oil is produced without removing the shell of the Sunflower seed, the high fiber content will affect the oil value in terms of palatability. Other effects also include wear and tear of the oil press.

sunflower seeds shelling machine for industrial production lineSunflower Seeds Shelling Equipment

Choosing the right shelling equipment is paramount to the success of your oil manufacturing business. The Disk Sunflower Seed Dehuller is the most commonly used shelling equipment among Sunflower oil producing factories. Its fame is due to its high peeling rate. Peeling rate is improved by simply monitoring the water content of your seeds by ensuring that it is at 7% or 8 %. Seed uniformity also contributes greatly to a high peeling rate. The rotating speed of the Disk Sunflower Seed Dehuller should also be adjusted to match the moisture of the raw material.

Take note: When flaking and steam cooking the sunflower seeds, the regulation of water content should be a priority to prevent flaking and gelatinization of the seeds on the dry roller during steam cooking.

Characteristics of Sunflower Seed Oil Processing

Characteristics of the seeds: The sunflower seed has a soft kernel just like the peanut kernel. These soft oil seeds are known to have low fiber content and this makes it easy for the seeds to form oil cakelblock during processing. The sunflower seed oil cake is easy to plug into the oil line. It does not matter which shelling equipment you choose, attention must always be directed to reduce the water content of the raw material during the pressing process. The entry temperature during the pre-pressing process should also be monitored to ensure that it is not too high. (Related Product: How to start a small sunflower seed oil production line?)

  • In once pressing process, the compression ratio of the screw oil press barrel should be higher compared to that of the pre-pressing. The pressure in the pre-pressing chamber should also be high. This ratio can be achieved by adjusting the barrel structure or using a different type of oil expeller. A sure way of achieving this ratio is by adding some fiber shells e.g. chaff or 10-20% of the seed shell.
  • In the twice pressing process, the process has the pre-pressing and secondary pressing stages. These can be also be referred to as pre-pressing and Hydraulic Second pressing oil press. This processing parameter of the second pressing process is similar to the one used in peanut oil processing. The sunflower seed size in the twice pressing process should not be more than 1.5mm
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