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Cost of Starting Corn Oil Production Business

As an expert in cooking oil processing equipment and full scale production line, ABC Machinery is your reliable choice for starting corn oil processing business. We can offer both mini scale, small scale, medium scale and large industrail scale oil production plant. We are highly advanced company located in High Technology Industrialization Zone in Henan, China, which is convenient for the transportation and geographical location.

We are have built a comprehensive business pattern which includes:

  • Turnkey Vegetable Oil Processing Solutions with Customized Business Plan.
  • Equipment Designing and Manufacturing.
  • Factory Layout Design.
  • Oil Mill Plant Installation and Commissioning.
  • Technical Training and All Around After Services.

Setup a Complete Corn Oil Production Line of Small Scale

Corn Oil Production can be done on a small scale there are machinery and equipment that is easy to put together, to process the corn to get a considerable amount of oil output. This means the corn oil production on a small scale will only take up to 3 people to operate the entire line. Using this production on a smaller scale allow reduced labour and low cost to operate. (Related article: Mini Vegetable Oil Processing Plant)

small complete cooking oil production plant for extract corn oil
5 ton/h Cooking Oil Production Factory in India
small scale corn oil productionl ine for making edible or cooking oil products
10 ton/h Edible Oil Mill Plant in Togo, Africa

The followings are two of our vegetable oil extraction project which is also suitable for processing corn germ. You can take these two projects for references before establishing your own corn oil mill. If you are interested to get a customized project plan with detailed cost list for FREE, don't be hesitate to send us an inquiry and let us know about your oil making needs!

Small Screw Oil Press for Processing Corn Germ [HOT Sale]

In today’s market, screw oil press machine is the most widely used small corn oil production machine. Compared to large scale or solvent oil extraction machine. It has many outstanding features for many investors, especially small scale business owners or startups.

small corn oil processing machine for extract oil from corn germ

Click here to see the detailed parameter of Corn Oil Press Machine for Sale

  • It not only suitable for corn germ, but also other oil-bearing seeds, including soybean, sunflower seeds, peanut, rapeseed, black seed and more.
  • Its compact design and small size makes small corn oil machine suitable for individual oil making workshop, small oil production plant and more.
  • It provides maximized oil output compared to the counterpart corn oil extraction machine.
  • It requires low investment, all of the corn oil machine we supplied is at factory low price.
  • It requires less maintenance, simple operation. 

Corn Oill Proudction Process - How to get oil from corn?

The oil extraction process from corn germ is very similar to rice bran!

The Corn oil processing always starts with the Corn GermThe Germ is a part the corn plant called an embryo, which is recognizably different from the usual nutrients found in the endosperm. The endosperm is a tissue which is produced inside the seed of the plant. It protects the embryo and gives it nutrition.  (Read more about setting up rice bran oil manufacturing plant and cost >>)

Corn Seeds Composition Seed Coat Germ Endosperm
Proportion of the whole seeds (%) 6%~9% 7%~12% 80%~85%
Oil Content (%) 1.3% 83% 15%

Corn Germ Separation Process

The first step of corn oil production is Corn Germ Separation. It is also known as corn embryo extracting or germ extraction. There are 3 main corn germ separation processes: 

  • Dry type corn germ separation
  • Wet type corn germ separation
  • Half-wet corn germ separation

Corn Germ Oil Extraction Process

The amount of oil in corn germ is around 85% of all the oil in the whole seed. How to make cooking oil from corn? There are a few steps in the corn oil production line.  


corn oil processing flowchart
Corn Oil Manufacturing Process

Generally, corn oil is produced by expeller pressed method, then solvent-extracted the oil cake by using hexane or isohexane. The solvent is then recovered for re-use by evaporation. The extracted crude corn oil is then sent to refining plant (including degumming, dewaxing, alkali treatment) to get high quality edible corn germ oils. 

Corn Oil Refinery Process

equipment for producing refined corn oil
Equipment for Producing Refined Corn Oil

During the corn oil refining process, degumming or alkali treatment is used to remove phosphatides. Alkali treatment also neutralizes free fatty acids and removes color of the crude oil. Winterization is the then comes up to remove waxes. The final step of refining is deodorization by steam distillation of the oil at 232–260 °C under high vacuum. 

About 100%-expeller-pressed Corn Oil

In some cases, oil producers choose to make 100%-expeller-pressed corn oil. This kind of specialty oil is more expensive since the oil yield of 100%-expeller-pressing process is much lower than he combination expeller and solvent process, and the market share is also smaller.  (Related article: Cooking Oil  Refining Plant)

Global Market of Corn Production and Corn Oil Application

The country that was accounted for the share of the global corn market in 2015 was North America, and it will more than likely that would hold that position for these coming years. Grown in Canada, it is one of their most valuable crops to produce, and it is grown on a large scale. Corn oil growth and high demand covers the entire globe, through Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Middle East Africa. 

corn oil production global market and main application

The world of the corn oil market was separated into a few different areas, which is cooking oil, biodiesel, soap making, paint, textiles, pharmaceutical preparations and others. The biggest share noted for the corn market globally was biodiesel which looks to hold its place in the years to come. Being the healthiest oil to use, it stays in high demand.

United States corn production by year
United States Corn Production By Year (1969~2018)

Rank Country Corn Production (1000MT)
1 United States 366,287
2 China 257,330
3 Brazil 94,500
4 EU-27 60,875
5 Argentina 46,000
6 Ukraine 35,500
7 India 27,800
8 Mexico 25,600
9 Canada 13,900
10 Indonesia 11,900

If you are interested in run a company about corn oil processing (screw pressing or solvent extraction), don't hesitate to tell us your needs and requipments! We will be glad to offer you the best customized business plan for you!


  • We are planning of starting a new business and corn oil extraction is one business that came to our mind. If you can help us on understanding what investment is required for small scale, medium scale plant. Request to send details. Pls. Let me know to which contact number I can reach out.
  • No problem. Will send you all detals and price. But there has some points needs to be clarified.
    1: The capacity?
    2: You wanna get final oil which can be sold to supermarket directly or just use press machine to extract the oil?
    3: Pls confirm you material is: Corn Germ.
    Send you a brochure for your reference. Pls check your email attachment.
  • i have plane to invest in my contry in ethiopia corn oil camponey so i like to know how much it cost me the machine and please explain how many littre from 100 kg corn.
  • It is good chance to invest oil plant in Ethiopia.
    Regarding to Corn Oil, 100kgs Corn ---5-8% Corn Germ----40-50% Corn Germ Oil, with mechanical press, the residual oil is 5-9%, It means we can extract 20kgs Corn Germ oil from 100kgs Corn.
    Please inform us how many kgs Corn Germ you want to process. then we can the right machine and exact cost for you.
  • I need up to 50000 kg a day corn oil production line.how much space I need? and please email to me the picture.if I can I want to buy the all processes like packing.thank you
  • The 50000 kg capacity is no problem. Following is some information needs to be clarified:
    1: The dirty percentage?----Will match the cleaning sieve according dirty percentage.
    2: The moisture?----Will match the cooking system according moisture.
    3: The oil content?----Will match the suitbal oil press machine accorind this point.
  • Tell me 1.how much does it cost to get one machine 2.how many kgs maize will   produce 1lt o f  corn  3. On avarage 1lt o3 corn oil wil be sold at what price 4.how can corn be used. (Tanzania)
  • Thanks for your attention to our product. Following is the answers for your question:
    1: The price: Could you tell me the capacity?
    2: The material: I should clarify one point: Only corn germ can get oil. The corn germ is 8% of the corn. So you wanna collect from others or?
    3: The oil price depends on your local market.
    4: The corn? It can made into flour. then use the conr germ extraction machine to take the corn germ out. So how many corn you have? You have corn flour factory?
    Any questions, feel free to email us (info@abcmach.com).

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