Mini Soybean Oil Processing Plant

Are you a prospective soybean oil mill operator or, better yet, want to invest in that business, and are seeking where to get reliable state-of-the-art soybean oil manufacturing plant? If indeed you are, seek no further because our mandate is to shore up your business operations. The following is an exclusive coverage of our latest and much sought-after oil processing plant for soya, especially for processing under 10 tonnes every day.

small soybean oil plant
Small Soybean Oil Processing Projects

Establish a Mini Soybean Oil Processing Plant

The process of soybean oil production involves cleaning, extracting, purifying and, sometimes, hydrogenating the soybeans. Your selection of soybean oil processing plant can spell doom to an otherwise convenient process. There are four major factors that you should consider before and when you start your soybean oil processing plan. These factors are the number of people needed to operate it, assembling the unit, capital needed, diversification. While the ultimate choice is your discretion, our mini soybean oil processing plant is tailor-made to suit the aforementioned factors.

mini soybean oil processing plant
Mini Oil Processing Line

  • First, this mini soybean oil plant is user-friendly and not labor-intensive. For your information, you can ably operate the plant with a workforce of two to three people only. The operating environment of the plant is safe.
  • Secondly, you can set up the unit hassle-free. Basically, the unit consists of eight parts, discussed below. You can easily and conveniently set up the unit.
  • Third, our soybean oil mill plant is not capital-intensive. Investment comes in in this context. You do not necessarily need a big investment to get the soybean oil processing machinery. Why, with the relatively small capital required, you can own the machinery and get a big return on investment!
  • Forth, you can diversify. The soybean oil processing plant is not limited to processing soybean only. Diversification is vital in business operations. Therefore, the plant is also suitable for extracting oil from various seeds including sesame, sunflower, corn, peanut and oilseed rape.

Soya Oil Processing Unit with Advanced Features

Our Soya oil processing unit is made of eight different parts which make it easy setting up and servicing the plant. The parts are: the sheller, a cleaning sieve, cooker, oil expeller, filter, and three conveyors. The first conveyor is between the sheller and cleaning sieve, the second is between the cleaning sieve and cooker, and the third is between the cooker and oil expeller. It is worth noting that the automated oil pressing mechanism is an integral part of the unit. It comprises of four major parts: the pressing cage, feeder, vacuum filter drum, and electrical control device. The filter removes foreign and unwanted objects.

soybean oil presses
Soybean Oil Presses
(left: improved screw oil press with additional filter press; right: traditional screw press)

What makes this soybean oil processing plant unique is that you can get a choice of two designs. The automated oil pressing mechanism is universal in our plants. However, we have newly developed series of plants with advanced features. Hereby, we have modified the automated oil presses and, as a result, introduced two options-a screw oil press plus and an additional filter press. Both options will enhance your soybean oil processing experience.

We hope we have satisfactorily informed you in your quest for a soybean oil mill machinery. Godspeed as you prepare to venture into the oil processing business, whether for bio-fuel or cooking purposes. Welcome to enquiry for detailed information and latest cost of our oil processing equipments. We are always at your services!

  • Dear, We interested in the Soja presssing line for 40 ton per hour. can you tell use more about it.
  • Dear,  Thanks for your attention to our oil plant. Regarding to the 40T/H oil project, we have rich experiences. But please tell us more details about your requirements, so we will let our engineer design you the project accordingly.
  • Hello, I am interested in a small scale solvent extraction plant for soybean. I will appreciate if you could send me the quotation and the capacity that you can offer.
  • Hi, thanks for your enquiry to our products. As for your request, could you advise what's your desired processing capacity per day? We can supplier 1~10TPD oil mill plant and more larger soyabean oil mill plant, pls check your budget and confirm which capacity do you prefer.
  • I want to ask how much does it cost for me to buy a 1 tonne per day mini refinery.
  • Hi,  Could you advise what kind of crude oil do you want to refinery? soybean, peanut oil...?
    Besides, do you make the crude oil yourself or buy from outside, do you know the index of the crude oil?such as moisture content, acid value, peroxide value, etc.
    By the way, where're you going to build the mini refinery plant in Africa? Will suggest and quote for you accordingly.
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