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The soybean, which is also called the soya bean in North America, is a species of legume native to China. The soybeans have been extensively cultivated for its high nutritional value. Recently, more and more countries and regions process oil from soybean because of its abundant fatty acid composition and widely planted areas. As we all know, for excellent achievement, a soybean oil manufacturing unit is so essential due to the low efficiency of the handmade manufacture.

soybean oil production

Features of Our Mini Soybean Oil Manufacturing Unit

Traditional soybean oil manufacturing unit is so big that the energy consumption and the place area is too more to be accepted by investors. In fact, the major factories process oil on a small scale. Directing at present situation, ABC Machinery which is specified in the manufacture and export of complete oil mill plants and related oil making machine, makes a mini soybean oil manufacturing unit by repeat research and development, which is diffusely purchased and applied all over the world.

mini soybean oil manufacturing unit
Mini Soya Oil Mill Plant

There are lots of features of the mini soybean oil mill plant. It is so easy for you to operate, transport and install even that you know less information about a mini soybean oil manufacturing unit. The weight of a mini soybean oil making machine is light enough and it also can be removed to the convenient place you want. the small scale soybean oil manufacturing unit can be used to process various oil seeds and nuts, for example it is widely used to extract oil from camellia seed, corn germ, peanuts, sunflower seeds, mustard seeds, cottonseeds, and so on .What is the most important is that the investment of a mini soybean oil manufacturing machine is less because of the attentive design by ABC Machinery. Meanwhile, the mini soybean oil making machine needs so less land and the investors can save more places to do other relevant things.

Small Oil Manufacturing Plant - Successful Projects

The following is some of our soybean oil plant projects build for our clients around the world. You are welcome to contact us ( for detailed information about our soybean processing machinery and projects.

small soybean oil manufacturing plant

  • Pls kindly send me a breakdown of this cooking oil manufacturing unit.
    1) How it works
    2) How much it cost
    3) Durability
    4) Where and how one can get it
    5) Installation and operations
    Thanks in anticipation
  • Thanks for your attention to our cooking oil manufacturing unit.
    Following is the answers for your question:
    1) How it works: First we confirm the oil press line process technology then we can send you video.

    2) How much it cost: It depends on the oilseed and the capacity.
    Could you please inform the oilseed is? Different oilseed the process technology is different.
    Also the capacity(kg/h) you need is? Then design you the oil press line.

    3) Durability: There is no damage to the machine normally. We just need change the spare parts.

    4) Where and how one can get it: The plant will be stted up in? You can import from us.

    5) Installation and operations: Will send you the instructions. The main part will send you video.
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