2TPH Poultry Feed Manufacturing Plant in Uganda

Project Name: Poultry Feed Manufacturing Plant
Plant Location: Uganda
Production Capacity: 1~2 ton feed pellets per hour.
Application: Chicken Feed
Raw Materials: Corn, soya, soybean cake, sunflower oil cake, wheat bran,  fish meal, soybean oil, bone meal and premix compound.
Production Process: Feeding, Crushing, Mixing, Conditioning, Pelletizing, Cooling, Bagging.
Poultry Feed Plant Cost: Inquire about the equipment price and plant cost now!

Photos of the Poultry Feed Manufacturing Plant

This project is designed for processing chicken feed pellets. The following photos were taken during the project installing and commisioning. If you are also planning for starting your own  chicken feed mill and feel interested to get more information about this feed pellets manfuacturing factory, don't hesitate to contact us!

poultry feed pellets manufacturing factory for 1 ton per hour production
Factory Situation
chicken feed manufacturing plant under construction
Feed Mill inConstruction
grain pre-processing equipment for the poultry feed plant
Grain Pre-processing Equipments
poultry feed processing factory inside - layout design
Factory Inside (under construction)
small production line of poultry feed manufacturing cost
Equipment Details
installation of the ring die feed pellet machine and pellets cooler
Equipment Details
large poultry feed pellet mahine for industrial production
Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine
details of the ring die feed pellet mill in the livestock feed manufacturing line
Details of the Pellet Machine
top floor of the animal feed mill plant
Top Floor
top of the chicken feed manufacturing line - screen sieve
Top Floor of the Plant
chicken feed bagging/packing machine included in the project
Pellets Baging / Packaging Equipment
poultry feed pellet plant finished construction
Feed Pellet Plant finished Construction
large size feed pellets for mature chicken
Large Pellets for Mature Poultry
crushed small feed pellets for young chicken or duck
Crushed Small Pellets for Young Poultry

inquire about the price and cost

The modulators of the pellet machines used in the animal feed pellets manufacturing plant are all digital frequency controlled, which can precisely control the production yield.

Poultry Feed Pellet Manufacturing Process

In the feeding section, the particle and powder raw materials are feed separately into the mixer. The particle materials are firstly sent to the crusher for grinding and then into the mixer, while the powder materials go directly into the mixer. After mixing for about 2~3 minutes, the materials are send to stock bin by elevator, and then be transported to the conditioner. After conditioning, the materials are ready for pelletizing in the pellet mill. The fresh pellets are generally in high moisture and temperature, cooling is needed. After be cooling, the pellets will go through the screening machine, the pellets in large size are transported to the crusher to be crushed into small pellets, while the qualified pellets with desired size are transported to packing and sealing machine.

poultry feed pellet manufacturing process
Poultry Feed Manufacturing Process

If you just want to make small scale pellets on farm for your own use, a single small feed pellet machine is enough. Click here to see the details about our small animal feed mill for sale >>

Different Types of Chicken Feed

poultry feed types, mash feed, crumble feed and pelletized feed

Here are three common used types of chicken feed: Mash, Crumble and Pellets. (Related Articles: Make Animal Feed Pellets from Oil Cake and Meal)

Mash Feed

This is the most available type of chicken feed and mostly used by chicks since it is easy to digest. It is the unprocessed form of chicken feed, and it's very fine like potting soil. Mostly used by farmers who have chicken which are egg laying. To make this food even sweeter to the chicks, some farmers mix the mash with water making a paste which the chicken love. Mixing this way though has a shortcoming that the feed can go bad within a very short period. The only shortcoming with mash as a fed for chicken is that it its texture
results to a lot of waste.

Crumble Feed

This type of feed is neither as fine as mash nor as compact as pellets. For farmers with egg-laying chicken, this is the best meal for your chicken. It is a solid nutrition that provides your layers with proper balance of protein, vitamins and minerals necessary for production of healthy and quality eggs and fast growth.

Feed Pellets

Feed pellets are the most used types of chicken feed. They are the most compact types of feed, and have the least wastage. They are also easily stored and can be managed quite well. They are best used by backyard chicken keepers. Research has also shown that pellets are the most efficiently metabolized chicken feed. This then makes them economical to use, since, the farmer will use few pellets and get maximum results in egg production.

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how to start your own production line with best business plan

The above types of feed are essential and significant to chicken but at different stages of life. Mash feed is ideal for chicks, crumble for weaning and early egg laying stages while pellets are the best for mature chicken. The feed though require complementation of water and other minerals.


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