1 ton/h Mini Feed Mill Plant

Project Name: Mini Feed Mill Plant
Production Output: 1 ton per hour
Application: Specially designed for sheep and cattle feed processing production.
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Sheep & Cattle Feed Mill Plant Photo Display

buy small animal feed plant for farm using

The feed mill plant unit includes equipment of grinding, mixing, pelletizing and cooling. The bagging machine is also available to be included if you need. It is suitable for small and medium sized farms and feed mills to use. If you are planning to start mini or small scale feed mill plant for herbivore and ruminate animals, you can take this feed milling project for reference. Just send us an inquiry for detailed equipment info and price list!

mini feed milll plant for 1 ton cattle feed manufacturing
Whole View of the Feed Mill Plant Unit
low cost fodder processing equipment for mini feed plant
Mini Feed Mill Plant
cheap  feedstuff processing equipment for mini feed milling plant
Feedstuff Mixing Equipment
animal feed processing equipment for mini feed mill
Pelletizing and Cooling Equipment
feedstuff mixing machine for mini feed plant
Feedstuff Crushing and Mixing Process
cheap cattle feed mill for small feed making factory
Feed Pellets Extruding Process

New Product: Mobile Mini Feed Mill Plant for 800kg ~ 1000kg Production

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Complete Formula Feed Pellets Vs Traditional Feed

Complete formula feed is a balanced combination of various kinds of nutrition, and crucial for the enhanced growth of cattle and sheep. For this reason, the market is saturated with different types of feed processing machinery for manufacturing perfect compound feed. One such example is the animal feed pellet mill which converts parched ground powder into standard pellets fit for different domestic animals including cattle, sheep and poultry, effectively making the feed easy to digest and palatable as well.

compound feed pellets for cattle and sheep

The raw materials for the powder include corn, wheat, soybeans, nutshells and other biodegradable materials such as grass, straw, and bagasse (sugarcane dregs). The bigger solid particles referred to as pellets require an additional component of moisture, which is achieved by introducing steam or molasses to the mixture. Given that cattle, cows and sheep all have diverse nutrition requirements, feed composition will contrast based on the type of livestock. The only constant is that the feed must be rich in energy, protein, and fiber. Varying the temperature and components can ensure a more refined pellet feed, both in terms of quality and nutritional value. (Related Article: How to Start Industrial Scale Feed Milling Plant? )

make complete feed pellets for your cattle
Make Complete Feed Pellets for Your Cattle

Compared to traditional cattle & Sheep feed, pelletized feed products display more advantages, chief among them nutrient utilization and profitability. It not only reduces food wastage but is also easily stored and transported as well as widely preferred by domestic animals.

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