Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine

The aquaculture feed production plant has to complete a process of fine feed development by combining the best formula with the highest level of feed pelleting or extruding technology.

pet food and fish feed extruder machine for sale

Set up a Pet Food & Fish Feed Production Line

ABC machinery is a fish feed extruder machine manufacturer that specializes in the sinking fish feed, slow-sinking fish feed and floating fish feed processing technology. While improving the digestibility of the final feed for higher conversion, our fish feed machine is very economical. This is the ultimate revolution of aquaculture with a focus on maximum profitability while allowing quick conversion of the whole feed.

Fish Feed Extruder Machine for Sale

There are two types of fish feed extruding machine. One is dry type fish feed machine, the other is wet type fish feed machine.

fish feed extruder machine for mini production
BEM40 Mini Feed Extruder
small floating fish feed extruder machine for making aquatic food
BEM70 Small Feed Extruder
flating fish feed making machine for complete feed production plant
BEM120 Large Feed Extruder

Model  Screw diameter Capacity (kg/h) Main power Feeding power Cutting power Packaging Size Weight
BEM40 φ40mm 30-40 5.5kw 0.4kw 0.4kw 1400* 1100* 880 310
BEM50 φ50mm 60-80 11kw 0.4kw 0.4kw 1450* 1120* 900 360
BEM60 φ60mm 120-150 15kw 0.4kw 0.4kw 1470* 1150* 900 386
BEM70 φ70mm 180-250 18.5kw 0.4kw 0.4kw 1500* 1320* 950 640
BEM80 φ80mm 300-350 22kw 0.4kw 1.1kw 1800* 1500* 1000 790
BEM90 φ90mm 400-450k 30kw 0.6kw 1.5kw 2300* 1640* 1000 950
BEM120 φ120mm 500-700 55kw 1.1kw 2.2kw 2330* 2000* 1200 1850
BEM135 φ133mm 800-1000 75kw 1.1kw 2.2kw 2330* 2030* 1200 2050
BEM160 φ155mm 1200-1500 90kw 1.5kw 2.2kw 3100* 2650* 1800 3600
BEM200 φ195mm 1800-2000 132kw 1.5kw 3.0kw 3100* 2850* 1900 4322

Learn about the main structure of our flaoting fish feed extrduder machine for sale:

  • Feeder

lt has enough space for large quantities of feed to ensure a stable supply to the extruder. To keep the flow stable safe for the extruding chamber, the feeder will only pass material equal the motor. It is fitted with an electromagnetic speed motor which efficiently controls the speed and quantity of feed flow into the extruder. This ensures efficiency when the material is conveyed through the outlet into the extruding chamber.

  • Extruding Chamber

There are three complete compression sections for the finest extrusion. The feed goes through the feeder section, compression section, and extrusion section to be compressed into the most digestible material possible before the process is complete.

The fish feed extruding chamber has adjustable clamps and a barrel strong enough to hold the strong compressions. The three-piece chamber is well designed to accommodate all the fodder materials from the feeder and compress it at the all the levels for the finest product. You can adjust the compressions to suit the specific feed from the feeder for your most suitable extrusion. (Read more about animal feed manufacturing process )

  • The Expansion Mechanism

The trisection extrusion begins if the feeding section which refines the feed with primary compressions to compactly fit the spiral groove. The compression section then compresses the feed into a fine mass for final extrusion. The extrusion section then finishes off the refined feed with very powerful compressions. This section may heat up to 150 degrees Celsius.

fish food extruder machine spare parts
Screw and Extruding Outlet
spare parts of fish feed machine for making floating aquiculture feed
Other Spare Parts
cutter of the extruded fish feed making machine

The outlet of extrusion section can be customized for any pellet size and shape. With the perfect extrusion, the feed cools and becomes compact in a short time after extraction.

Fish Feed Extruder Machine Working Process

floating fish food making machine structure design

The feed drifts down the feeder as pressure on the feed creates a uniform input. The material is squeezed with more pressure and friction. You can use electricity in the compression chamber by connecting the electric sheet to increase the heat for an easier extrusion. This chamber is suitable for softening the hardest fish feed raw materials making your fish feed plant more universal. The high heat intensity melts the material and activates the starch for higher conversion. The molten feed flows deeper through the chamber under an increased pressure up to 10mpa to soften any resistant particles making the feed totally soluble. The outlet has a high temperature and reduced pressure at 0.1mpa to evaporate all the water and expand the material. (Fish fee mill project: 250,000 ton/year Fish Feed Plant)

set up a complete fish feed plant

The final face of the extrusion involves the softening and hardening of the feed. With air spaces created by the steam under reduced pressure, this feed creates a porous compact mass. This is aimed at gaining the fastest and most successful dissolution and easy spreading upon delivery into the water. This process also retains the necessary vitamins required for the fish. You can still spray your protein and vitamin supplements as the spaces in the feed will absorb the spray easily into the feed. (Read more about small animal feed production business plan)

The extruded fish feed is discharged through the column ready for use. For easy packaging. The cutter resizes the pellets as they move out of the extruder. You can install your packaging directly after the cutter to seal the bag as the pieces are filled in from the extruder. With the fine finish, the discharge is clean reducing wastes and saving time. This is a perfect automation for the best fish feed production plant.

Why are extruded fish feed better than ordinary feed pellets?

make expanded fish feed pellets
Make Expanded Fish Feed Pellets

Extruded fish feed is designed according to your specific feed portion and style. With the increased cost of feed and the demand for healthier fish, extruded fish feed is enormously beneficial.

  •  More palatable: With the pressure applied at extrusion, the feed is made softer and digestible. The feed also retains all the natural sweetness as the drying process is gentle on the feed. It retains the flavor efficiently making the feed suitable for both young and mature fish.
  • Healthier: With increased digestibility and high nutrient retention, extruded feed is highly nutritious. With the efficient processing that retains all the nutrients while efficiently integrating with your vitamin supplements, the fish will convert over 90% of the feed. This is way higher than ordinary pellets can achieve.
  • Reduced wastage: Extruded feed is compact when and during processing and delivery, there is zero spillage or scatter. The feed spreads evenly on the water for more coverage allowing the fish to enjoy evenly as it dissolves into the water.
  • Hygienic and safer: The cases of untreated feed causing infection and disease are eliminated in the extruded feed. With high temperature over 100 degrees Celsius and high pressure, bacteria and other living organisms are eradicated. This keeps the feed healthy.

Extruded feed activates starch at the optimum temperature for quick conversion to glucose which is more soluble and digestible. The fat content in the feed is also optimized with reduced lipase action which is a necessary component of the fish feed. This machine is the best tool for manufacturing the most edible aquatic feed. (Maybe you are also interested in our small cattle feed machine and cattle feed plant project cost)

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