Feed Extrusion Plant

floating fish feed machine for producing both aquafeed and pet feed

Application: Our fish feed machine and feed extrusion plant is widely applied to make floating feed, slow sinking feed and sinking feed ( suitable for feed tilapia, black carp, gurnard, grass carp, bighead, bream, catfish, shrimp and other types of aquatic animals). It is excellent choice for small and medium fish farms.

Features: The floating time of the feed can be controlled by adjusting the extrusion degree during the pellets extruding process. The extrusion feed pellets are of the highest quality, have a great shape, create a great texture, provide a great taste and are high in nutrition.  

Classification: Dry-type Fish Feed Machine, and Wet-type Fish Feed Machine

Start a Production Line of Pet & Fish Feed

Our fish feed machine is widely applied to make various kinds of fish feed. The followings are some common materials used in fish feed production.

pet and fish feed extrusion plant low cost and high quality
Main Equipment included in Small to Medium Extrusion Feed Line

Common Materials for Making Fish Feed:

  • Mustard oil cake is one of the most common inputs, but normally don't use more than 40%. It contains a high rate of fact and the protein content is 30~32%.
  • Rice dust is also a common input which has a high amount of vitamins including B2, B1 and B6 and a good level of protein at about 10 to 14%, also includes a small amount of enzyme.
  • Wheat Chaff is an excellent input containing a large amount of fiber which can be used to control some types of fish deseases.
  • Maize contains of various vitamins, carbs, fats, and protein.
  • Other contributions that are commonly used in the production of fish feed include cotton seeds which contain 54% protein, fish powder which are very easy to digest for fish and provide from 55 to 60% protein, bone powder which is excellent for increasing the growth of fish and innards which are suitable for catfish and have a high rate of protein at over 52%.
Dry Type Feed Extruder
Dry Type Feed Extruder

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Wet Type Feed Extruder
Wet Type Feed Extruder

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