Starch Processing

Starch exists in plants, together with cellulose, protein, oils and fats, inorganic salts and other substances. Starch manufacturing is to extract the starch from plant seeds, root or tuber. The whole starch extracting process utilizes physical separation method, gradually separating cellulose, proteinand other non-starch substances, so that to get pure and white starch powder. The chemical structure of the starch in raw material and the finished starch powder is the same. There are not chemical changes during the starch extraction. But using sulfur dioxide acidity material in the processing may cause a small amount ofstarch molecular decomposition reaction, which can slightly lower thesticky paste degrees of starch.

Starch extracting process needs a lot of water. Raw material cleaning, grinding and each separating process all are all processed in water. Insoluble in water and the “proportion of starch is higher than water and other impurities” are the two main basics for starch processing plant.

Main Process of Starch Extracting Plant

  Tuberous Crop Starch Production

potatos starch processing

  Wheat Starch Production

Wheat Starch Process

  Maize / Corn Starch Production

maize starch processing

Generally, Starch extracting can be divided into the following processes:

Selecting and Pre-processing of Raw Material   Steeping   Grinding   Degerminating   Removing Cellulose   Removing Protein   Washing (Refining)   Drying

Common Materials for Starch Processing Plant

The starch flour processing technology is different according to different raw materials.

  Tuberous Crop: Potato, Sweet Potato, Cassava…
  Grain: Maize/Corn, Wheat, Rice, Sorghum, Mung beans, peas, broad bean…

sweet potato
corn maize

The starch extracting process of tuberous crop isgrinding and extracting directly (need no steeping), which is relatively simple and producing less by-products. Cereal starch extraction is complex, including steeping, degerminating, by-products recovery and so on. But the starch equipment is generally universal and many processing section is the same.

Starch Content of Common Starch Crops

Starch Crops Starch Content
Sweet Potato 10%~30%
Potato 10%~30%
Cassava 10%~30%
Corn Maize 50%~60%
Sorghum 65%~75%
Wheat 60%~80%
Rice 70%~78%
Beans 40~60%

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