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groundnut processing business

If you are planning to start your own groundnut oil processing business, ABC Machinery with numerous successful oil extaction and oil refining projects around the world is definetly your best choice!

Generally, a complete scale groundnut processing plant for producing edible oil includes 3 production processes: seeds pre-treatment, oil extraction and oil refining. The main processing machinery includes seeds cleaning equipment, dehulling machine, oilseeds cooker or roaster, peanut oil press, filter press, oil refinery machine and oil filling or bottoling device. It cost about $11,000 ~ $16,000 to establish a 3-5ton/day cooking oil production line for processing of groundnut oil. Feel free to contact us for customized project plan and  cost details!

Start Your Own Groundnut Processing Workshop

Main Production Process: Groundnut Seeds Cleaning → Shelling → Cooking / Roasting → Oil Pressing → Oil Filtering → Oil Refining

For the ones who want to run a small groundnut processing workshop for manufacturing edible oil, traditional pure physical pressing method should be the first choice! Four procedures are generally included, shelling, roasting, oil expelling and filtering. Green, safe, pollution-free and without additives. (Related Post: Groundnut Oil Business in Nigeria)

Groundnut Oil Making Project Photo Display for Reference

The following photos show about a project established in Togo, designed for processing peanut and soybean. It is a complete oil producing factory including 10ton/d oil pressing line and 3ton/d oil refining line.

groundnut oil processing project construction
Oil Mill Construction Site
groundnut oil refining plant machine
Oil Refining Machine Placement
groundnut cleaning machine
Oilseeds Pre-treatment Machinery
groundnut oil making factory layout design
Screw Type Oil Extraction Machine
groundnut processing factory setup
Oil Milling Project Finished Construction
build groundnut oil manufacturing factory
Group Photo with our Clients On-site


Main Groundnut Oil Processing Steps

  • Seeds Cleaning Process

Remove impurity (silt, pebble, iron chip, etc.) to reduce wear and tear on internal parts of oil press and improve oil yield. The main equipments includes cleaning screen, stoning machine, magnetic separation machine.

  • Peanut Shelling Process

Put the harvested peanut into professional groundnut shelling machine to remove the shells and get the seeds (kernel content: 65%-75%). With the development of vegetable oil production industry, shelling process been basically mechanized. The production efficiency is also greatly improved! Its supporting equipment is: sheller, separation screen, separator, and so on.

  • Seeds Broken

It is ok to press the oilseeds as a whole. But Crushing and rolling the seeds is mostly adopted in medium and large scale groundnut oil mill plant, as the oil yield can be increased obviously.

  • Seeds Roasting Process

The groundnut kernels are then put into the roasting machine with automatic temperature control system. It is the key step to determine the yield of peanut oil. Experienced operators can control the cooking temperature and time very well to get high oil yield. Its supporting equipment is: crusher, rolling machine or flaking machine.

  • Oil Expelling / Pressing Process

A good unit of groundnut oil press machine can not only save a lot of trouble in oil processing business, but also can reduce production cost and increase profit. Actually, screw type peanut oil making machine can process various different oilseeds, such as rapeseed, soybean, cottonseed, tea seed and other vegetable seeds.

  • Oil Filtration Process

The oil expelled from oil presses might looks a little muddy, and doped with some foam. So filter press is needed to ensure the purity of groundnut oil with gold color and good flavor.

  • Oil Refining Process (Optional)
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inquire about the price and cost

If you are planning to buy groundnut oil processing machine, might as well first learn about the market of vegetable oil, oil extraction principles and oil production market. Buy from the groundnut oil machine manufacturers or suppliers with good after-sales and cost-effective price. Welcome to visit our factory for on-site inspection, or send us an inquiry online to enjoy one-one service on customized groundnut oil manufacturing business plan, equipment selection guide and cost details!

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HOT Sale Equipment Set for 1~10ton/d Vegetable Oil Production

small sized groundnut oil production machine for mini business plan
Mini Peanut Oil Processing Business Plan

This small scale groundnut oil processing machine set is fully adopted mechanical driven, it connects each oil production machinery together to extract oil with higher oil yield (including, cooker, conveyor and multifunction oil press with filter). Here is the details and features of the small scale oil production machine:

  • Big pressing force in the chamber, making high oil output;
  • Easier to operate, easier to install and commissioning;
  • Need small investment, fewer land space and labor;
  • Wide application that can make many other kinds of vegetable seeds , such as soybeans, peanuts, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, palm kernel, coconut etc.


Profitability Analysis of Groundnut oil Processing

Weight (kg)
Oil Yield (%)
About 48% (42%~53%)

Is small- scale groundnut oil processing a profitable business? How about the costs and returns? When running groundnut oil plant, the key is to minimize the capital and operating coast, and maximize the incomes from the sales of oil and other co-products. So it is necessary to do a careful study of all costs before setting up your own oil processing plant. In particular to assess the cost of purchasing the main peces of equipment, expected labor wages and oilseeds purchase cost, the cost of fuel and power. The price of produced oil and co-product depends on many factors including, quality, the number of competitors, and their type and oil quality. Predict the likely profite at your planned scale production over the year, each indicator should be evaluated and then compare the production cost with the expected revenue to calculate the possible profitability of the oil production business. Besides, it is necessary to make full use of the oilcakes (by-products) to make the enterprise financially successful.

  • How to determine the marketing efficiency of peanut oil and peanut cake in your area?
  • How to determine the profitability of peanut oil processing in your area?
  • How to identify the possible marketing channels of groundnut oil and groundnut cake in your area?


  • I am interested 10 tpd groundnut oil pressing plant near mumbai India. Wanted price(fob) of this small plant.
  • Thanks for your attention to our groundnut oil production plant.
    Could you please inform the groundnut with shell or not? We need the sheller to remove shell then the peanut kernel can be extract oil.
  • I would like to buy full package ground nut oil and butter processing plant that is capable to run 200-500kg/hr ground nuts. Please would you like to send detail technical specification and price offer.
  • Thanks for your attention to our product.
    We only supply the groundnut oil plant. Not the butter processing plant. Regarding the groundnut oil plant: Could you inform us groundnut with sheller or not?
  • The ground nut is with shell.
  • Attached is the quotation according your needs. Please check it.  The economic oil press line is our new design. It cost little but get high profit. Very popular now.
    Any needs please feel free to contact us.
  • I am planning on starting a small scale groundnut refinery in which i can produce high quality low cholesterol  oil and also other by products of groundnuts like peanut butter and groundnut cakes. 
  • Could you please inform the peanut with shell or not? The capacity(kg/h) you need?Then advise you the suitable machine type.
  • We are general merchants in Abuja, Nigeria that invest in profitable businesses. the company wishes to try out groundnut oil production and see the level of profitability before going in full scale. every advice you give means a lot to the organisation.
    As regards your question, the groundnut has shells and i need a machine with a capacity of 500-100kg/h. I need your advice on a suitable machine and other machines that would be needed in the oil production plant.
  • Thanks for your details introduction about the groundnut oil plant you need. Attached is the quotation for your reference.
  • I have read through your detailed proposal and I love it.
    I did some further research into the vegetable oil production and I realized that I need a "refinery" to bleach, neutralize and deodorize the oil. I want to know if your company also sell the refinery and I would also like to know how much it costs.
    I would also like to know if the spare parts for the machines are readily available as the distance between our countries is really far. I need advice on what spare parts would be needed mostly and how I can acquire them.
  • Glad to hear you like the proposal. Attached is the 10TPD groundnut oil processing line&3TPD oil refinery plant for your reference.
    The above quotation is a completed 10TPD oil project. Will send engineer go to help you install the plant and train your worker.
    Regarding to the spare parts: You can buy it from us directly in the future.

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