Groundnut Oil Mill Machinery for Small Production Line

groundnut oil mill machinery for small scale edible oil production line
Small Scale Groundnut Oil Milling Process

Small groundnut oil mill machinery connects a series small oil processing equipment together to achieve continuous oil extraction. Because it is fully mechanical driven, it can accomplish easier operation and high rate of oil yield. By the way, it can deal with almost all kinds of oil seeds. Most importantly, it only needs small investment, fewer land space, less labor but with wide application. You’ll never regret for your choice of this small ground nut oil mill machinery set.

Parameter of the Oil Press

The following table shows the parameter of the oil press included in the above small scale groundnut oil milling process. Click here to know more details of our screw oil expeller for vegetable seeds.

Model Capacity(T/24H) Power(KW) Dimensions(MM) Weight(KG)
YZS-68 0.8-1 5.5 920*390*750 150
YZS-80 2-3 5.5 1540*540*620 370
YZS-95 5 11 1920*550*765 480
YZS-100 4-5 7.5 1910*610*765 550
YZS-120 6 15 1970*700*780 680
YZS-130 9-12 18.5 2320 *700 *780 820
YZS-165 15-20 22-30 2290*750*1020 1600
  • To be honest i dont know the capacity that i know but if you can please help with the best options.I need price for small one and a commercial one but not too big.I want to start my own small oil manufacturing business and just want to start from a low budget if thats ok.If you can please give a rough price or prices starting from the cheapest one to the expensive one.
    Thanks a lot.
  • Please checked the brochure as email attachment. How about YZS 80. It's not too big. The capacity is suitable. If you think it's ok then send you the price.
  • Pls I want to open the groundnut oil small scale industry in nigeria how can I cummunicated with u for more idea.
  • Thank you for contacting. We have arranged you a exclusive sales advisor and passed your contact information and inquirement. We will get in touch with you soon for further communication.
  •  I need 1000 lites per day.Groundnut with shels ll b prefered.thanks.
  • 1: The shell percentage: 25%--30%
    2: The oil yield of peanut kernel: 35% more or less.
    So It needs 4---5 tons oil press machine per day. The YZS-130 oil expeller capacity: 300--500KG/H. 300--500KG*8H=2.4--4 tons.  We have attached the small oil milling line for you. Pls check it. It's a completed oil production line. You also can only choose the peanut sheller and the oil press machine if you need.
  • Hi,am requesting to know how much does a ground nut oil processing machine cost in USD and the capacity of its production.plz send me the information on two categories ie small scale and large scale production machinery.i will be so glad to hear from you.thanks.
  • The ground nut oil mill machinery is no problem. Could you confirm the following information in order to make us supply you the most suitable equipment:
    1: The groundnut with shell or not? If with shell we should supply the sheller to remove the shell to extract oil.
    2: The capacity of single oil press machine: 1--20 tons/24hours Please confirm the capacity you need accoridng the groundnut situation.
  • Want complete production line for groundnut oil that can produce between 5 to  10 tons per day. We want to start small to grow big. The power situation in Nigeria is very erratic and its not dependable.. We can count on your professional judgment to recommend an appropriate and suitable voltage.
    Thank you. Nigeria
  • Thanks for your information. There has two ways we can take:
    1: Only use the oil press machine.
    2: The completed groundnut oil processing line. Including all supporting machine. If you think it's over your budget. Then you tell me which you don't need now. Will concel it.
  • Can you send me the picture of a bigger machine with motorized system or conveyor belt with storage tanks?
  • Project plan of 20TPD completed peanut oil extraction line is attached in email. Pls check it.
    So What is your budget?
    When will you set up the plant?
    How about the land?
    Canton fair is soon to be held. Very glad to invite you come to attend. At the same time you can come to our factory. Will show you our produce line and the running factory.
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