Groundnut Oil Expeller Unit

Our groundnut oil expeller unit is fully adopted mechanical driven, it connects a series small capacity oil expelling equipment together to realize continuous oil extraction with easier operation and higher rate of oil yield. The small oil expeller unit or you can say small peanut oil mill plant is able to process a great many of vegetable oil seeds, such as soybeans, mustard, peanuts, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, palm kernel, castor seeds, canola seeds, coconut etc.

groundnut oil expeller unit for small scale oil milling process
Small Seed Oil Expelling Business Plan (capacity: 1~15 ton/day)

  • Features: Small investment, fewer land space, labor saving and wide application, the small oil pressing line is your first choice to start the oil making business!
  • Reference Price: $5000~$8000 (The cost data is the approx. data, as the oil content, the impurities in the raw materials, the operations and many factors will effect the output of your raw material.)

The exact oil expeller unit cost depends on the configuration of each equipment included in the small production line. Feel free to contact us and tell us your oil materials, cost budget, capacity needs and other requirements. Then we can help make the best equipment plan and offer detailed quotation of one ground nut oil expeller unit!

  • Is this plant unit suitable for canola oil extraction? We are interested in building a plant for Canola oil. We must know what is the level of investment for all the machinery and equipment including packing machines... all the process to have a final product to export, thanks!
  • Yes! What is capacity do you need of the canola oil plant? We have sent you the canola oil milling process and common related equipment to your email, please check.
  • I want a 30ton/day Groundnut oil processing plant.
  • Firstly you should answer the following two questions, so that we can help you make the best prject plan for you!
    1. Kindly advise if your groundnut is with shell or not?
    2. Please advise what kind of processing technology do you prefer? For example, cleaning, crushing, flaking,cooking, etc.
    3. Do you need the oil refinery pant also?
  • How is it going Groundnut Oil Production. I want information on the production capacity per day? How electricity consumption in the day? How consumption of raw materials for oil? How factor administered? How much price continued port of Tripoli, Libya? I want complete information.
  • Our small capacity ranges from 1ton to 15 tons per day(24hours). Please check which capacity is suitable for you. By the way, as for the groundnut raw material, do you mean the groundnut kernel or it is with hull? Wait for your reply about above information, then I could provide you more details you need about the plant.
  • The capacity is suitable for me 10-12 ton per 12 h. Our goundnut is without hull. I can not buy a plant without clarifying. I want to clarify a thorough.
  • The 20TPD(24hours) peanut oil pressing line is approx. US$71950. This is based for the raw material peanut with hull.
    The 5TPD oil refining plant is approx. US$57550.
    The price is for your reference firstly.
  • Can you kindly advise me with reagard to the equipments you have for a small scale groundnut oil production. Currently i am under the feasibility study stage for my project.
  • Thanks for your inquiry to our small scale oil production plant. Before quoting you, please help to confirm back below information.
    1. Is your groundnut with shell or not? Then we could know whether we should match the groundnut dehuller for you.
    2. How many kilograms of groundnut do you want to process per hour?
    3. When and where do you want to set up the plant?
    4. How many do you want to invest on the project? Do you have any budget? Using your own fund or from other ways? We could design for you according to your budget.
    Wait for your reply for further discussion.
  • It has shell. Plant is going to be located in south africa.
    At this stage, it is not easy to quantify the amount of investment that will be involved. however, a lot determining factors will lead us in quantifying the amount of investment such as the oil yield per ton of groundnut. we would real appreciate if you can send us a catalog of small scale production machines with their possible production rate in terms of oil and by addition, the market prices for your machines. I hope this do answer some of your questions if not all. Thank you.
  • Our small scale oil pressing plant is 5-15TPD, using the semi-automatic oil pressing plant. It is simple peanut sheller, cleaning seive, cooker, oil press and oil filter machine. Suitable for these whose budget is limited and want to start from small capacity.

    Of course, the efficience will be not so high, after pressing, maybe there will be 9%-10% oil in the oil cake. If you process 15tons groundnut per day, then you may get approx. 10tons groundnut kernel, and then from the 10tons kernel, you may get approx. 3.5tons per day.

    This 15TPD plant will cost approx. US$ 20000-US$25000.

    For capacity more than 20TPD, usually we will use the large oil pressing plant, it is the automatic plant, will use the one set groundnut sheller, cleaning, crusher and flaker, steam cooker, oil press, oil filter, etc.
    But this plant is with higher efficience, if we set up a 20TPD plant, then after dehulling, we will get approx. 14tons kernel per day, then using the automatic plant, we will get approx. 5.2-5.5tons per day oil.
    This 20TPD plant will cost approx. US$ 79500.

    PS: This will not include the oil refining plant also, only the oil pressing plant. So hope you could check and then make a decison about which plant will you want to set up. The small one or the medium one?
  • Sir please send me the quotation for groundnut oil production machine and i planning to start a own business so please help me. Here groundnut is without shell and i planned to start small scale production of groundnut oil from groundnut seeds and my family background is based in this line only and i planned to invest my budget was Rs 500000. please send me the details and waiting for your reply thanking you in anticipation.
  • Please find email attached - detailed small scale groundnut oil production business plan for you.
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