10tpd oil pressing and 3tpd refining plant in uganda

This is a small oil mill plant with 10TPD pressing line 3TPD refining line constructed in Uganda. The following are some brief introduction about this oil processing project. Feel free to contact us for detailed infromation about this oil mill. We are always at your service! (info@abcmach.com)

small oil pressing unit
Small Oil Pressing Unit
Small Oil Refining Unit
Small Oil Refining Unit

Processing Flow of this Oil Mill Project

This oil mill project includes oil pressing section and oil refining section.

Delinting → crushing → screening → cooking → oil pressing → oil refining → decolorizing → oil filtering → deodorizing

The main oilseeds for this oil pressing and refining plant is cottonseeds, soybeans and sunflower seeds. Screw conveyor and elevator are the main conveying equipment in this plant. The oil pressing capacity is 10 tonnes per 24 hours. The refning capacity is 3 tonnes per 24 hours.

Onsite Photos of This Oil Pressing and Refining Plant

oil pressing and refining plant
Oil Pressing & Refining Plant
Oil Filtering Unit
Oil Filtering Unit
oil cakes
Oil Cakes after First and Second Pressing
expelled oil
Expelled Oil

Sunflower Seeds Oil Pressing Video

This is a video of pressing oil from sunflower seeds by this plant. Screw oil expeller is the key machienry of oil pressing part.

Oilseeds Introduction

cottonseed soybean sunflower seeds

Cottonseed Oil Soybean Oil Sunflower Seeds Oil

Cottonseed: Both mechanical oil pressing and solvent extraction is available for cottonseed oil production. Crude cottonseed oil contains gossypol which is harmful to human body. However, refined cottonseed oil is healthy and edible cooking oil. Refined cotton seed oil contains lot of essential fatty acid. The linoleic acid content is up to 47%~58%, which can resist the rise of blood cholesterol. Cottonseed oil has a reputation of "vascular scavenger". It is an ideal kind of cooking oil. Besides, its price is relatively low, making cottonseed oil an edible vegetable oil with high cost performance.

Soybean: Soybean oil is expelled or extracted from soybean (oil content: 19%). The color is generally dark yellow or faint green. Soybean oil is the typical composition of vegetable oil. The remaining soybean meal of oil pressing plant is widely used as animal feed. In soybean oil processing, the soybeans go through process of cracking, water content adjusting, and flaking, pressing or solvent extracting. Then, the oil is refined and blended for various applications.

Sunflower Seed: It is the fruit of sunflower. The fat contain of sunflower seeds is 30%~45%. Sunflower seed oil is an important kind of senior nutrition cooking oil, featured of golden color. It contains a lot of linoleic acid and other essential unsaturated fatty acid, can promote the regeneration of the cells and reduce the cholesterol in the blood. The sunflower seed consumption rate in many countries is as high as 70%, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea.

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