Things Must Know about Palm Oil Processing Plant Setup

With years of experience in vegetable edible oil production field, ABC Machinery can assist you with every step to start a business in palm oil manufacturing, from initial planning to installation and commissioning. The cooking oil processing machine for palm oil we supplied is designed to maximize palm oil extraction efficiency and minimize palm oil machine downtime, ensuring that your business will operate at optimal profits. (You may also like: Soybean Oil Processing Plant Project Report >>)

setup a palm oil factory to start palm oil manufacturing business
Setting up a Palm Oil Processing Factory to Earn Money

Here just listed a few facts about the setting up of palm oil processing factory. If you are looking to invest in a palm oil mill plant, we can provide you with the professional guidance and technical datasheets you need to make an informed decision. We are here to answer any questions you may have, and look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your path to success!

Capacity of Palm Oil Processing Plant for Investing

The size of a palm oil facotry can vary greatly, depending on production capacity. A small scale palm oil mill plant may consist of only a few palm oil milling machines, while a larger scale palm oil processing plant may include a larger number of machines, as well as additional equipment such as conveyor belts and storage tanks. In some cases, a complete palm oil processing plant may require a separate space to house the machinery and equipment.

palm oil processing plant factory design

Palm Oil Processing Plant Equipment Layout Design - Investing Project

How large your palm oil processing plant should be? There are many factors should take into considerations, like investment capital, location, market demand, fresh palm fruit supply, labor cost, etc. However, determining factor for capacity of a palm oil processing plant usually is the investment capitals. If you are interested in knowing how much would cost to set up a palm oil mill plant, just contact our engineers to offer your custom-made palm oil milling business plan with estimate cost!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Machines Required to Set Up Palm Oil Processing Plant

A palm oil processing factory requires a range of professional oil milling machinery to ensure efficient production of palm oil. Palm oil production machines must be designed to deal with every palm oil production process, maximize oil output and meet the requirements of local envirnment conditions. Surely, the reliablity, efficiency and safe for workers are basical requirements for palm oil machines.

  • Large Commercial Palm Oil Production Machines
large commercial palm oil processing plant setup
Complete Palm Oil Processing Plant
palm oil processing plant sterilization factory
Sterilization Section in Palm Oil Factory
  • Small Business Palm Oil Extraction Machines
small palm oil production machines ready to Nigeria
Small Palm Oil Milling Machines Ready for Ship to Nigeria
mini palm oil milling machines for sales
Mini Palm Oil Production Machines in ABC Machinery Factory

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  • Palm Oil Refining and Fractionation Machines
mini palm oil refining machine for business
1TPD Small Palm Oil Refining Machine for Palm Oil Manufacturing Business
low cost palm oil refining plant at factory price
Factory Price 10TPD Palm Oil Refining Plant


For investors, price of palm oil processing machines is the main concern to set up a complete palm oil factory. ABC Machinery is a professional palm oil equipment manufacturer. The price we offered is neither the roof price nor the bottom price among the prices of the China suppliers and this price is reasonable to its quality. (See latest news: 50TPD Edible Oil Refining Plant Equipment to Nigeria for Business >>)

Cost to Setup a Mini Complete Palm Oil Mill Plant

Setting up a mini complete palm oil mill plant is not so complex when compared with large scale type, but also requires money and resources. In most cases, the total cost to set up a complete palm oil processing plant will range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars, including cost of land, cost of factory construction and plant design, cost of machinery and equipment, labor costs, and the cost of running the plantA mini palm oil processing plant, 0.5TPD~10TPD, provided by ABC Machinery will cost at least $ 73,000. However, But the return on these investments is very high, because global demand for palm oil has been growing. In addition, the expanding industrial applications of palm oil also make it hot to invest in palm oil manufacturing business. 

 low cost set up a mini complete palm oil processing plant
Mini Complet Palm Oil Milling Plant at Low Cost

how to start your own production line with best business plan

BEST Investing Tips on Starting Business in Palm Oil Manufacturing

When starting a business in palm oil manufacturing, there are some key investing tips to keep in mind. First, research the industry and the local market thoroughly to understand the dynamics of the business. Second, plan your financials carefully and have a clear strategy for the capital you plan to invest. Third, find a reliable supplier to ensure a steady supply of raw materials. Fourth, have a comprehensive business plan that outlines the goals, strategies, and objectives of your business. Fifth, invest in the right equipment and tools to ensure efficient operations. Finally, build strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to ensure the long-term success of your business. Following these tips will help you build a successful business in the palm oil manufacturing industry.

Typical Palm Oil Manufacturing Processes

Palm oil extraction process involves harvesting and sterilizing the FFB, extracting the palm oil, and clarifying and refining it.
palm oil manufacturing process flow chart

Palm Oil Pressing Process
palm kernel recovery and palm oil purification process flow chart
Palm Kernel Recovery and Palm Oil Clarification Process Flow Chart

  • The process of palm oil processing begins with harvesting the fruit from the palm trees. This is done by cutting down the trees and then stripping the fruit from the branches. After harvesting, the fruit must be sterilized to remove any contaminants that may be present. This is done by heating the fruit to a temperature of about 85°C for about 10 minutes. 
  • Once the fruit has been sterilized, the next step is to extract the oil from the fruit. This is done by pressing the fruit in a hydraulic press and separating the oil from the solid components. The extracted oil is then collected and transferred to a settling tank. Here, the solid components are allowed to settle and the oil is then collected and filtered. 
  • The next step in the palm oil processing is the clarification and refining of the oil. This is done by removing any impurities that may be present in the oil. The oil is heated to a temperature of about 70°C and then passed through a filter press to remove any solid particles. The filtered oil is then subjected to a series of chemical processes to remove any unwanted compounds. Finally, the oil is further refined to improve its quality and purity before it is ready for use.

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Palm Oil Milling Factory By-products - Additional Income

During palm oil production process, there are some by-products, like palm kernel, palm fiber, etc. which can be important sources of additional income. 


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