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Sesame oil is a popular cooking oil extracted from sesame seeds. Depending on the oil processing technology used, there are three types of sesame oil available in the market: ordinary sesame oil, stone mill sesame oil, and mechanical pressed sesame oil. Each type of sesame oil has its own unique characteristics and uses. For example, ordinary sesame oil is commonly used as a flavoring agent and for general cooking, while small mill sesame oil is popular for its aroma and health benefits. Mechanical pressed sesame oil is known for its mild flavor, making it a great choice for delicate dishes. (Related post: Mechanical Oil Pressing Technology >>)

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Sesame Oil Production Process & Machines

ABC Machinery is a leading supplier for sesame seed oil processing solutions. We have extensive experience in designing and setting up commercial sesame oil production plant projects. Our cost effective oil processing equipment and custom-made factory design ensure high efficiency of sesame oil extraction process and high quality of final produced sesame oil. 

In this article, we will talk about how to exact sesame oil from sesame seeds in different oil extraction methods. You can choose the RIGHT sesame oil processing machines for your business. If there are any questions about sesame oil processing, just contact our engineers to get quick and professional answers!

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Stone Mill Sesame Oil Extraction

Stone mill sesame oil is produced using the water substitution method, where the sesame seeds are washed with water and then baked in a frying pan, with the water dried up at high heat in the early stages and then baked at low heat to fully cook the sesame seeds, when the sesame seeds are fried/toasted to 210 degrees, cold water is added to the frying pan to quickly cool them down, and the water is evaporated and then removed from the pan and spread out to cool the sesame seeds to prevent them from covering the paste.

sesame oil produced by stone mills
Sesame Oil Milling Process by Stone Mills

The cooled sesame seeds are then ground into a sesame paste using a stone mill, to which boiling water is added in proportion to the oil in the sesame paste, which is stirred and precipitated to separate the residual oil from the sesame residue by prolonged shaking. 

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Sesame oil Milling Machines for Sales

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Mechanical Pressing Sesame Oil Extraction

Sesame oil pressing machine is a way of extracting sesame oil from sesame seeds by means of mechanical squeezing. There are two types of sesame oil extraction machines, the screw oil expeller and the hydraulic oil press.

Sesame Oil Production Process by Mechanical Pressing
Sesame Oil Processing Flow Chart - by Mechanical Pressing

  • Sesame Oil Pressing – by Screw Oil Expeller

Sesame oil pressing process by screw oil presser starts to fry sesame to about 170 degrees out of the pot, add preheated oil press in advance for pressing, press the crude sesame oil through edible oil filter press again, and then natural precipitation for about a week is the finished sesame oil. 

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Sesame Oil Making Machine for Oil Business

  • Sesame Oil Pressing – by Hydraulic Oil Presser

Producing sesame oil by hydraulic oil press is to toast sesame seeds to around 210 degrees, and after the pan has been released, the sesame seeds are quickly cooled down by a vibrating screen or a wind elevator, and hydraulic oil press starts to work at a controlled temperature of around 165 degrees, with a pressure of up to 200 tonnes slowly pressing the sesame oil out of the sesame seeds. The crude sesame oil extracted by hydraulic oil press is ready for consumption after a week of settling. 

hydraulic press machine for oil extraction at low cost
Hydraulic Oil Press Machine for Sesame Oil Extraction

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Tips on Sesame Oil Processing

Regardless of which oil processing technology is used to press sesame oil, sesame seeds need to be toasted, roasted or fried. If sesame seeds are toasted or fried at a very high temperature, the final produced sesame oil will have a bitter taste; If sesame seeds are fried at a low temperature, then sesame oil extraction yield will be low. Therefore, the toasting/frying tempearture is a key process of sesame oil processing plant to maximize quality of final produced sesame oil. The lower the temperature of the sesame oil pressing, the less the aroma will be lost and the more intense the flavour and taste.

Ordinary Sesame Oil Extraction

Ordinary sesame oil is extracted from defective sesame seeds, or produced by solvent extractoin process and edible oil refining process. Sesame oil extracted by stone mills or oil extraction machine can be consumed without any oil refining process after usually filtering to remove impurities. Sesama oil produced by solvent extraction plant should be subjected to a rigorous edible oil refining process to get ordinary sesame oil.

sesame oil extraction and refining process
Sesame Oil Extraction and Refining Process - Large Scale Factory

Sesame oil refining process: crude sesame oil, Hydration degumming, dehydration and dissolving; (Read more: Mini Oil Refinery Machine Price >>)

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Sesame Oil Processing Plants at Low Cost

ABC Machinery has been instrumental in helping our customers set up complete sesame oil factory for their businesses, ranging from mini scale, small scale to large scale. Our team of experts has provided comprehensive consultation and guidance on the best machinery and technologies to use, as well as expert advice on the optimal layout and design of cooking oil production line for sesame seeds, groundnuts, cottonseeds, etc. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted partner for sesame oil processing solutions. 

20T/D Toasted Sesame Oil Production Plant Project Setup in Thailand 

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Sesame Seeds Cleaning, Toasting Section
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Sesame Oil Extraction Plant Layout

How a Sesame Oil Processing Factory to Extract Oil for Commercial Uses?

If you are looking to establish a commercial sesame oil production plant, we are here to help. We can provide you with a comprehensive equipment price list and project reports to ensure that your investment is well placed. Our team of experts are available to answer any questions you may have and to help you make the most informed decision possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

TOP 10 Sesame Oil Production Countries

Rank Country Production Rank Country Production
1 China 274,600 tonnes 6 Turkiye 38,300 tonnes
2 Myanmar 154,600 tonnes 7 Saudi Arabia 35,232 tonnes
3 India 96,800 tonnes 8 United Republic of Tanzania 34,164 tonnes
4 Japan 53,257 tonnes 9 Uganda 33,200 tonnes
5 Nigeria 45,690 tonnes 10 South Sudan 28,200 tonnes

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