Sunflower Seeds Oil Production

As an reliable edible oil processing machine manufacturer and supplier on the market, after years of business, ABC Machinery has gained reputaions around the world in oil extraction and refining machine field.

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sunflower oil making machines for small and medium oil pressing unit
Sunflower Oil Making Machines
Left: conventional oil press; Right: multifunction oil press with filtering device

We offer two kinds of single oil press machine for sunflower oil production:

  • Conventional Screw type Sunflower Oil Press
  • Multifunction Oil Press (equipped with oil filtering device)

sunflower oil press machine spare parts
Sunflower Oil Pressing Machine Spare Parts

Both these two types of oil processing equipment are suitable for make sunflower seed oil. The price of multifunction sunflower oil press machine with filter device is a little bit higher than the conventional one. The multifunction oil expeller is suggested if you want to extract oil from sunflower seed and filter the crude oil to get high quality edible oil at one time. Any questions about how to make sunflower oil, or need help on equipment selection and price list, feel free to contact us!

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Crude sunflower oil is amber in color but becomes pale yellow after it is refined further. This process further removes unwanted phospholipids, polyphenols and pigments and the refined oil is then sent to oil filling / bottling and sealing machines. 

Read more about sunflower oil refining machine for further processing of crude sunflower oil >>

Establish Complete Set Sunflower Oil Processing Plant

Sunflower oil was first used for cooking a couple of centuries ago and is still the number one vegetable oil. Domestic and international demand keep increasing over the decades. There's little doubt that the potential for sunflower oil manufacturing business is going to keep increasing.

If you looking for sunflower oil making machine and want to set up your own sunflower oil processing plant, we will be your best choice and you can trust both the quality of our equipment and the services we offered. Feel free to inquire about the latest price list and detailed quotation of our sunflower oil machines, and get customized sunflower oil plant costs details!

Sunflower Oil Plant [Project Display]

machines for full sunflower oil pressing plant
Complete Sunflower Oil Pressing Plant (including oil refining machine)
factory price sunflower oil machine for sale
Machine for Making Sunflower Oil

You are welcome to inquire about the project details and costs of our sunflower oil extraction machine and refinery machine!

Sunflower Oil Making Process

Sunflower oil manufacturing is a complex process involving various stages. The quality of the oil depends on the oilseed quality as well as the quality of sunflower oil processing machine. Sunflower seeds need to be pre-treated prior to oil extraction process to separate out impurities. This is followed by oil pressing and solvent extraction. (Related Equipment: Sunflower Seed Dehuller >>)

process of making sunflower oil
Sunlfower Oil Production Process

If you are interested in our sunflower oil extraction machines or need a customized project plan to establish a sunflower oil mill plant, please let us know, so our service team can help you with detailed business plan, process design, factory layout, equipment selection based on your requirement and cost budget.

how to start your own production line with best business plan


Sunflower Oil Producing Market

sunflower oil market

2019 Sunflower Seed Oil Production by Country (1000 MT)

Everyone has seen a sunflower at least once in her or her life, but how many people know that this ubiquitous flower actually originated in North America? Native American tribes extensively used them as a source of fat. Every part of the plant from the stalks to the petals and even the seeds were used as a source of food and to prepare medicinal ointments. Over centuries, it has since travelled across the world multiple times, only to come back in different avatars. Sunflower oil has traditionally been used as cooking oil for generations of people across continents. However, it is also used to manufacture bio fuels and to prepare cosmetics, resins and lubricants. While the major producers of sunflower oil are the Ukraine, Russia and Argentina, there are a number of other countries that produce the golden liquid all over the world.

Sunflower seeds contain typically about 25 — 35% of oil; their kernels account for about 55% of oil. The oil is a rich mixture of mono and polyunsaturated oleic and linolic acids. A number of different types of oils are produced depending on the fatty acid profiles of each variety and the technology and type of sunflower oil making machine in use. (Read more: Sunflower Oil Machinery >>)

There are oils that make one healthy, and those that don't. Sunflower oil is generally considered one of the healthiest of vegetable oils for consumption. It has a neutral taste and is low in saturated fat content. On the other hand, it is rich in Vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant, and also in beneficial fatty acids. These are known to prevent Cancer, protect against heart disease by lowering harmful cholesterol and promote general well-being by boosting the immune system against infections. The oil has also been known to promote hair growth, healthy skin and is an ingredient in weight loss supplements.

  • hello there. I wanted to know the price of sunflower oil refining machine( combined). i do live in Tanzania also i wanted to know if you do have your branch in Tanzania? also if possible please send me a copy of sunflower oil refinery equipment for small capacity from 1 to 5 tons. Thanks.
  • Hi, Thanks for your enquiry to our products. As for your request, do you have pressing plant and crude oil already? We dont have branch, but we have agent, pls kindly advise what's your exact address, so I will ask the agent to visit you in the following days. As for capacity, 1~5TPD is a range, could you specify it. Look forward to your early reply.
  • I need sunflower making machine to Tanzania.Please send the price to my email
  • Hi, Do you want sunflower pressing or refinery equipments? Besides, what's your daily processing capacity per day?
  • Dear sir/ madam,  could you please send me the price of your sunflower making machine (single machine)
  • Hi, thanks for your prompt response. Pls see the offer below:
    Model: YZS-100A Integrated Oil Press Machine
    Capacity: 4~5Ton/24h.
    Power: 7.5+1.1 kw
    Packing dimensions (mm): 2050*810*1800 (Machine)
                                               1220*560*650 (filter)
    Weight: 780kg

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