YZS-100A Integrated Oil Press Machine

oil production machine with mini machinery price

Model: YZS-100A Integrated Oil Press Machine
Capacity: 5T/24H
Power: 7.5+1.1KW
Weight: 780KG
Package Dimensions: 2270x750x1820mm /1220*590*600mm

Unlike traditional oil press machine, YZS-100A integrated oil press machine combines oil pressing and oil filtering into one oil press, which greatly increase the pressing efficiency while reducing labor cost. Therefore, it has gained great popularity among small oil mill or small oil manufacturers.

YZS-100A small oil press machine, with mini oil mill machinery price, is able to automatically control the pressing temperature of the press chamber. Besides, the electrical control box is designed with personalized buttons for easy operation of the users. Click to see the full parameters of the YZS Series Integrated Oil Press Machine>>

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Features of YZS-100A Oil Press Machine

  1. Easy to use, clean, maintain and operate
  2. Reliable quality is for extended long performance
  3. Pressing and filtering are combined together to minimize the labor cost and extra efforts for pure oil
  4. Mini oil mill machinery price makes it popular among small oil making processors to decrease the production cost
  5. Perfect for extract oil from almost all plant seeds, including sesame seeds, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, walnuts and more

How to Make an Oil Press Machine?

The main structure of Model YZS-100A includes feeder, press chamber, vacuum filter drum and electrical control cabinet. The heating system is equipped inside the press cage while the filtering drum has a sight glass that can help the operator to better control the oil clearing process and speed.

electrical control cabinet
Electrical Box
vacuum filters
Vacuum Filters
raw materila feeder
Raw Material Feeder

How to Make Sesame Oil with Sesame Oil Production Machine?

  • Get the sesame seeds clean and dried 

In order to get high quality sesame seed oil, the sesame seeds shouldn’t include any impurities and should be kept very dry. If the sesame seeds are not fully dried, please have them into the toast oven to speed up the drying process. The color of the sesame seeds may become a little dark after toasting, but there are no big changes of its flavor and properties.

  • Use sesame oil production machine for pure sesame seeds oil

Once the sesame get clean and dry, put them into the sesame oil production machine through the raw material feeder. Then, start up the machine to press the sesame seeds and extract crude sesame seeds oil.

  • Refine the crude sesame seeds oil

To ensure the stability and shelf-life of sesame seeds oil, the crude sesame oil should go through refining to keep away compounds, like phospholipids, colour pigments, free fatty acids and fine meal particles.

sesame oil productin machine with factory pri
Sesame Oil Extraction

We boast premium quality oil press machine for sesame oil production and other vegetable seeds oil extraction. What’s important, our press machines, with mini oil mill machinery price in the market, can greatly minimize the production cost while maximizing the oil yield rate. For detailed models and price, please feel free to contact us!

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