150TPD Sunflower Oil Manufacturing Plant in Russia

This is a large scale sunflower oil manufacturing project set up in Orenburg, Russia in June, 2014. The production capacity is 150 tons per day. It is a complete plant including sunflower seeds pretreatment and oil pressing process.

Onsite Photos of the Sunflower Oil Plant

Below are some onsite photos taken by our clients. If you are interested in knowing more about sunflower seed processing or would like to get a customized business plan, just feel free to get in touch with us and we are always glade to serve you!

sunflower seed oil mill factory
Oil Mill Factory -1
large scale sunflower oil manufacturing factory
Oil Mill Factory -2
inside of the large sunflower oil manufacturing line
Project Under Construction
sunflower oil producing line for 150 tons per day production
Other Processing Machines
storage silos
Storage Silos
outside cooling tower
Outside Cooling Tower
fan filter machine
Fan Filter Machine
temporary crude oil tank
Temporary Crude Oil Tank


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Sunflower Oil Manufacturing Process Illustration

When you press sunflower seeds, the seeds must undergo pre-treatment process. And the quality of pretreatment will directly affect the normal work of oil press. Sunflower seeds will contain some impurities (sand, gravel, iron filings, etc.). If we are not carefully cleaning, it will accelerate the wear and tear oil press internal parts, lower yield efficiency, even breakdowns and accidents.

sunflower oil manufacturing process

Sunflower Seed Oil Processing Flow Chart

Dehulling is generally suggested for sunflower seed oil production line. If pressing the seeds with shell, the wax content of crude sunflower oil is 0.65%~2.33%, while if pressing without shell, the content is 0.2%~05.%.

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