Almond Oil Production

Almond seeds are pressed to produce almond oil which is used in soap making and sometimes as an important ingredient for preparing some baked and fried foods. Almond oil has a universally high demand for it's known benefits and brings about an income from its extraction which is enough and outdoes the high costs of its production. If you want to start a almond oil manufacturing business for making oil form almond kernel in your local place, you should master professinal vegetable seeds oil processing technology apart from relating quality almond oil press / expeller.

Small Almond Oil Pressing Line

small almond oil pressing line
Best Solution for Small Oil Mill Plant

ABC Machinery is one of the world leading company in seeds and kernel oil extraction and refinery field, with rich experience in project designing, equipment producing, oil mill plant installing and debugging. We have good reputation all over the world. Advanced kernel oil pressing processing is applied in our complete plant.

Our small oilseeds pressing line is fully аdoptеd mеchаnicаl drivеn, it connеcts а sеriеs small almond oil press togеthеr to rеаlizе continuous oil extraction with еаsiеr opеrаtion аnd highеr rаtе of oil yiеld. Thе small oil pressing line or you cаn sаy mini oil processing plant is аblе to procеss а grеаt mаny of vegetable oil seeds, such аs soybeans, groundnuts, cotton sееds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, palm kernel еtc. Smаll invеstmеnt, fеwеr lаnd spаcе, lаbor sаving аnd widе аpplicаtion, thе smаll oil prеssing linе is your first choicе to stаrt thе small scale oil making business!

Almond Oil Processing Operations

Now, let learn about the basic process of almond oil production line, which includes oilseeds prepraration, oil making, oil clarification and packing. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about almond oil processing or feel interested in get more details and latest price of our oil presses.

Raw material preparation

Almond seeds must well dried prior to storage and must be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of sand and dust among other contaminants. Afterwards, the stones are removed which could cause aflatoxin poisoning. Their storage should be water proof, with well protected and ventilated rooms. Upon their arrival at a oil processing plant, the almond seeds are unloaded to a pre-cleaning facility whereby they are further cleaned or alternatively placed in a stock pile area.

  • Pre-cleaning

During pre cleaning, the almond seeds are transferred through a series of equipment that will mechanically remove the dirt, the rocks, the vegetation, and any other debris that may be contained To fully remove all the small articles, the almond seeds pass through the equipment several times.

  • Hulling and shelling

The hulling an shelling process involves friction, air suction and gravity based system that mechanically removes the shells and hulls from the almond meat through a series of shear rolls and collector decks. At this stage, the hulls, shells and kernels are separated and placed each in different storage bins. An aspirator transfers the shells to the augor lines which will mechanically convey the shells to a storage pile.

  • Cleaning and screening

The partially hulled and shelled almond are removed to another aspirator and a gravity table deck that vibrate to allow the kernel to separate from the hull, if any had remained un-removed from the hulling process. This equipment also provides for quality control by separating the effective seeds from the defective seeds. The non defective seeds are moved to a more advanced stage.

  • Transfer and Storage

The product is moved too a vibratory pan ad into a chamber where compressed air is allowed to draw dust and debris away from the products and into a hug housel. At this stage the product will be passed through a final conveyor that will transfer the product into an almond oil press machine

Almond Oil Press Machine

almond oil press machine

Small Almond Oil Expeller

The modernized way of manufacturing almond oil is by the use of the almond oil press machine. The oil expeller has different designs which are either motor driven or manually driven. The hulled almond products will be placed in a perforated heavy duty cage and then a heavy plunger will press over the product to release oil. The almond material inside the cage will vary from 5-30 kgs. Layer plates are to reduce thickness of the product and to speed up the oil removal process. The pressure is increased slowly to provide enough time for the oil to escape. (Related machinery: Sesame Oil Press)

  • Clarification of oil

Freshly extracted almond oil contains resins, moisture, fiber and colors that are removed using clarifiers. (Related machinery: Cooking Oil Refinery Plant)

  • Packaging and storage

Almond oil is stored in light proof, air tight, in containers that are moisture proof, in cool places and are properly sealed to increase the shell life.

small almond oil extraction unit
Integrated Almond Oil Machine

ABC Machinery offers premium quality oil press for almond kernel or seeds. Our oil presses can processing various different oil materials such as peanut, soybean etc. With years of experience in manufacturing oil extraction and refinery machinery, we are your trustable cooking oil processing equipment supplier with low cost in China. The qualit of your oil mill machinery is enaured by international market with most competitive price. Write to to get more info about detaild almond oil press machine, we are always at your service!

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