10tpd Fish Oil Refinery Plant Built in Vietnam

A new customer from Vietnam purchased one set of 10TPD fish oil refinery plant to process fish oil. He has built oil pressing plant for pressing chicken bone powder and fish oil extraction before. (Read more: Edible Oil Refinery Plant Cost >>)

  • Project Location: Vietnam
  • Processing Capacity: 10 tons per day fish oil refining line
  • Fish Oil Refining Process: Hydration degumming, neutralization, decolorization and deodorization.
  • Main machinery Supplied: Heater, centrifugal, bleacher, filter, packed deodorizer, wax vessel, etc.

10TPD Fish Oil Refinery Plant Machinery Exported to Vietnam

According to the customer, we knew that refined fish oil demand is expected to show significant growth in Vietnam market next few years, due to the increasing human consumption and rising health awareness. He wanted to setup fish oil refinery plant for getting higher quality fish oil to start his profitable fish oil business. (Read more: Oil Extraction Machine for Small Business >>)

10Ton Fish Oil Refining Process Flow Chart
10Ton Fish Oil Refining Process Flow Chart

All the fish oil refining equipment was carefully checked and inspected before delivery and shipment.

Fish Oil Refining Equipment to Vietnam
Fish Oil Refining Equipment to Vietnam
Fish Oil Refinery Plant Machinery
Fish Oil Refinery Plant Machinery
Fish Oil Processing Refining Machines
Fish Oil Processing Refining Machines

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ABC Machinery Provide Best Fish Oil Production Solution for You

Referring to oil refining, the character of impurities contained in crude oil, and the purpose of refined oil must be concerned. As the leading oil refinery machine manufacturer, ABC Machinery customizes the oil refinery process solution for each of customer depending on their specific situation and needs. (Read more: Mustard Oil Refinery Machine Price >>)

Fish Oil Refining Equipment Manufacturer
Fish Oil Refining Equipment Manufacturer

Successful Fish Oil Refinery Plant Project We Built Worldwide

Setup Oil Refining Plant to Process Fish Oil

Fish oil refinery plant equipment to Vietnam – factory price fish oil processing machines for refined fish oil: buy fish oil refinery plant from oil refining equipment manufacturer or supplier at factory price, get FREE technical instruction of fish oil refining process and business plan to set up fish oil refining plant project in Mexico, Panama, Pakistan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, etc., at low cost.

Technical Highlights of Our Fish Oil Refinery Machine

  • More mechanization and automation, less human labor and cost.
  • More advanced technical configuration, such as continuous drying, continuous decoloration, continuous deacidification, continuous deodorization, continuous de-waxing.
  • Automatically metering and feeding for bleaching earth, high vacuum, saving steam and energy, reducing the processing cost.

Purpose of Starting Fish Oil Refinery Plant

So called “refinery”, generally refers to deacidification process. But in the broad sense, oil refinery process includes crude oil pretreatment, degumming, deacidifying, decoloring, deodorization, degreasing, and dewaxing process, etc. We will design the refining process depending on the quality requirements of refined oil.

Starting Fish Oil Refining Business
Starting Fish Oil Refining Business

The crude oil getting from oil extraction plant certainly contain different amounts of non-oil impurities, such as mechanical impurities, free fatty acid, colloid, pigment, stink substances, moisture and wax, etc. These impurities will directly change the oil’s color, smell, taste, transparency, stability degree and nutrition, which not only affect the edible value, but also make the oil easy to deteriorate when storing.

  • Natural fish oil? Or refined fish oil?

It is no daunt that fish oil is good for our health. But, natural fish oil and refined fish oil are different. Natural fish oil has numerous unwanted substances, and thus to make it better quality for human consumption, the fish oil has to be refined. After refining process, some of the unwanted substances include gums, free fatty acids (FFA), and phosphatid are removed. Furthermore, it must be noted that the fish oil refining process happens in a closed circuit, to avoid any possible contamination.

  • Global Fish Oil Demand Condition

It is newly reported by Grand View Research, Inc. that global fish oil market is expected to reach USD 4.08 billion by 2022. Increasing health benefits of fish oil is expected to drive demand of fish oil, thus driving the development fish oil production field. Also, to invest in fish oil production business is going to be a profitable business choice.

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