50 TPD Fish Oil Extraction Machine in Pakistan

  • Project Name: Complete Fish Oil Extraction Plant (Solvent Extraction)
  • Factory Location: Pakistan
  • Production Output: 50 ton/day
  • Fish Oil Extraction Process: Pelletizing, solvent extraction, solvent recovery, crude oil refinery, storage of refined fish oil.
  • Application: The produced fish oil can be used as feed supplement or be further processed to fish oil capsules.

fish oil tank included in the oil extraction factory
Fish Oil Extraction Facotry under Construction
fish oil solvent extraction machine for sale
Fish Oil Extraction Machine

This is a complete fish oil extraction factory designed and built for one of client in Pakistan. View the following photos of the fish oil extraction machines which are taken during the onsite project construction.

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Photo Display: Fish Oil Extraction Mahcine

The raw material is fish bone meal. First of all, the fish meal are compressed into small pellets, then be sent to solvent extraction machine for about 20~30 minutes. The oil mixture is then pumped into temporary storage tank. Then solvent is evaporated by use of evaporator and stripping tower. The recovered solvent will return to solvent holding tank through diversion box. The crude oil flows from the bottom of the stripping tower into the crude oil metering tank, then go to the refining workshop through pipelines. Refined fish oil will be finally be stored in refined oil tank. The fish meal after extraction will also go through desolventizing process and finally be stored at stacking area.

fish meal for the oil extraction process
Raw Material (Dried Fish)
crushed fish meal
Crushed Fish Meal
machine for extraction of fish oil
Included Fish Meal Processing Machine
fish oil extraction plant details
Solvent Recovery Equipment
fish oil refinery machine
Fish Oil Refinery Machine
fish oil extraction project clients
Clients fot the Fish Oil Processing Project

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