Cooking Oil Production Demystified

Welcome to our Cooking Oil Production Technology column, where we will share latest trends and technologies about cooking oil production, which are essentially important for people who would like to enter cooking oil industry or starting cooking oil milling business by setting up cooking oil factory. Check out our latest articles on cooking oil production, like types of cooking oil machines, types of cooking oil refining methods, and more. Our detailed guides will walk you through the entire cooking oil production process, helping you to choose the most suitable cooking oil processing methods and machines for your raw materials so as to ensure a success of your oil milling business. 

Typical Oil Production Process for Most Oil-bearing Seeds

Cooking Oils: A Potentially Profitable Business Venture

The demand for healthy and organic cooking oils has only risen as the cooking oil production business has continuously expanded over the years. In the future years, the market for cooking oils is anticipated to increase significantly due to increasing urbanization, growing health consciousness, economic growth, diverse customer base, etc. Thus, the investment in cooking oil manufacturing may be a rewarding prospect for both entrepreneurs and investors.

Cooking Oil Market Demand

Cooking Oil Period Market Size (USD bilions) Expected CAGR
Global Edible Oils 2020-2026 88.4 to 137.3 4.9%
Vegetable Oil 2020-2027 299.5 -
Coconut Oil 2021-2026 4.74 5.3%
Canola Oil 2021-2028 27.5 to 37.3 3.9%
Palm Oil 2021-2028 36.2 to 47.2 3.2%
Soybean Oil 2021-2028 24.9 to 35.4 4.2%
Sunflower Oil 2021-2028 14.2 to 20.1 4.5%
Corn Oil 2021-2028 3.89 to 5.02 3.2%

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