Cooking Oil Refinery Plant

ABC Machinery is the leading manufacturer and supplier of cooking oil extraction and edible oil refinery machine. Our oil processing equipment are suitable for almost all types of oil seeds and nuts. The followings are some of our small scale edible oil refining projects. Contact us now to get detailed info and latest cost the small refinery machine (

1TPD grapeseeds oil plant
1TPD Grapeseeds Oil Refinery Plant
1TPD Seal oil refinery in Namibia
1TPD Seal Oil Refinery Line
10TPD palm oil refinery in Philippines
10TPD Paml Oil Refining Plant
10TPD coconut oil refinery
10TPD Coconut Oil Refining Line

1TPD Sunflower Oil Refining
2TPD Small Canola Oil Refinery Equipment
2TPD Canola Oil Refinery Equipment
5TPD Fish Oil Refinery
5TPD Fish Oil Refinery
5TPD Sunflower Oil Refining in Uzbekistan
5TPD Sunflower Oil Refining

Before it is made ready for human consumption, cooking oil undergoes through a number of different processes in a cooking oil refinery plant. Simply defined, refining is the process of removing impurities which may be present in the cooking oil. Such impurities include phosphatides, free fatty acids (FFA), waxes and gums. The refining process is also necessary since it gives the final product a uniform color by getting rid of all the coloring pigments that may have been present. It also helps in the removal of bad smell that may be due to the presence of odiferous matter present.

Small Cooking Oil Refinery Plant

If you are interested in building a mini or small cooking oil refining factory for starting a local edible oil business and make big money, a small and cost effective cooking oil refinery plant is what need!

small cooking oil refienry plant
Mini Edible Oil Refining Equipment

Cooking Oil Refinery Process

The process of cooking oil refining in a cooking oil refinery plant can be carried out in two different processes. These are the continuous operation process and the batch operation process. Although the two process have more similarities than differences, the one aspect that sets them widely apart is the volume of oil used. Batch process is used when less than 30 tons of cooking oil, with a free fatty acid component of less than 1%, needs to be refined in a span of twenty four hours. Smaller cooking oil refinery plants prefer this method because of its low maintenance, simplicity of operation and its low capital investment. Continuous refining is recommended when the oil capacity to be refined in a twenty-four hour span is more than thirty tons.

  • Degumming process.

It is also referred to as pretreatment. Here, the oils are subjected to acidic treatment. Gums are precipitated out and separated by the centrifugal separation process. When gum content is low, gum conditioning is applied instead. (Related Projects: 5TPD fish oil refinery plant built in Pakistan)
  • Neutralizing process.

The degummed oil from process one is subjected to alkali refining. The free fatty acids present in the oils react with the caustic soda leading to the formation of a soap stock. Through the use of a centrifugal separator, the soap stock is removed by centrifugal separators which use water to wash off the soap.
  • Bleaching process.

This is where any coloring pigment present in the oils is removed. Here, the neutralized oil from process two is treated with activated carbonlearth. Vertical pressure leaf filters are then used for the removal of the bleaching agent when all the oil has been passed through.

  • Deodorizing process.

As suggested by the process name, this is where odor removal takes place. Every cooking oil has its unique natural smell. During the bleaching and the neutralization processes, unpleasant smells are imparted on the oil. It is therefore necessary to get rid of them. This is where any odiferous material present is removed. This operation is carried out at temperatures which are extremely high. By maintaining a high vacuum and injecting an open stream, the odiferous matter is removed. Through the use of a vacuum system, it is then carried off to the barometric condensers. (Related Projects: 3TPD oil pressing and refining plant in Uganda)

  • Dewaxing process.

Oils such as corn oil and sunflower oil have waxes in them. When oil with waxes is kept in relatively low temperatures, it gets a hazy appearances which is generally disliked by customers. The removal of waxes is the final step that a cooking oil refinery plant takes before bottling and marketing its oil.
  • I am writing to you from Lilongwe, Malawi. The company I work for are interested in purchasing a 10TPD Oil Refinery.  I would like to find out:

    How long it will take to commission the plant?
    the price of the plant;
    the total cost of installation;
    the time it will take to deliver the plant to our location;
  • Thanks for your attention to our oil refinery plant.  Following is the answers for your question:

    It takes 30 days moreor less to commission the plant. The budget of the plant: 85,000.00USD more or less. Email attachment is the instruction list for your reference.
    Producing time: 30--40 days after got payment.
    Shipping time: 45 days more or less.
    Custom clearance: 7 days more or less.
    Follong is the some questions you may consider first:

    1: The crude oil is? After confirmed your material then we can design you the project.
    2: Could you please inform you already have the oil press machine to extract crude oil? Could you send picture for reference? Will check and connect the workshop for you.
  • Dear sir may I know what is the cost for setting up a small plant for refined Cooking oil.
  • Hi, What kind of crude oil do you want to refine? and how much oil do you want to process per day?
  • Hello,we are interested with your set of oil refinery machine. Could you pls, urgently send us your quote CIF Dar es Salaam port ASAP
  • Hi, Thanks so much for your enquiry to our products.
    Before sending you the quotation and proforma invoice, we'd like to clarify the following questions first.
    1. What's your raw material and daily processing capacity per day?
    2. Do you just want refinery equipments, do you have pressing equipments already?
    3. What's your current business, do you have steam boiler..?
        we'll equip a furnance boiler for you if you have no boiler.
  • We are intended to produce RBD coconut oil from crude oil in Philippines.Therefore we need your esteemed company offer for machinery specs and rock bottomed price for 200 Mt/month final product.
  • You plan to produce RBD coconut oil from crude oil, So you already have the oil press machine to extract crude oil as material?  Could you send a picture for reference.
    The capacity: 200 Mt/month final product, it means 8 tons per day. We advise you choose the 10 tons oil refinery plant. Please confirm?

    Before we have installed a 20TPD coconut oil press plant with 10 TPD oil refinery in Philippines. Will send you pictures for your reference.
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