10tons per day Grape Seed Oil Refining Line

small grape seed oil refining linerefined grape seed oil - processed by small edible oil refining plant
Refined Grape Seed Oil

This is one of our grape seed oil refining line established in Qiuxian, China. It is a domestic refinery project. The capacity of the refining project is 10 ton per day. View the photos below to know more details of the grape seed oil refining equipment in the project.

Small Grape Seed Oil Refining Line Project

The following is the basic refining process of crude grape seed oil: 
Crude grapeseed oil → Filtration → Degumming → Deacidification → Desolventization → Deodorization → Dewaxing → Fine Filtration → Refined Grape Oil

small grape seed oil refining line
Small Scale Grape Seed Oil Refinery Unit

grape seed oil refinery factory details
Details of the Grape Seed Oil Refining Line

fatty acids trap of the grape seed oil refining equipment
Fatty Acids Trap

oil decolorizing clay box of the grape stone oil refining process
Activated Clay Box

grape seed oil cake produced from the mini refinery plant
Grape Stone Oil Cake

Grape seed oil refining line is build for producing edible cooking oil from crude grape oil. The refining process can remove fat-soluble and pigment impurities efficiently to get premium edible oil for our everyday life. Grape seed oil refinery generally includes crude oil filtration, degumming, alkali refining, washing, drying, desolventization, deodorization. If you are planning for starting your grape oil business and need a complete refining plan, ABC Machinery will be your best choice! Feel free to contact us for detailed information and latest price. We are always glad to service you!


  • I need to know the electrical requirements for 1 TPD refinery plant? How much power do I need to run the plant.
  • Total power is 20.8KW.
  • What other things externally do I have to attach to the plant. Any compressed air? Cooling process? Boiler? Plz confirm the entire list of external items necessary to run the plant. What you supply and what I should supply to make the plant work.
  • We will supply the compressed air, Cooling process, Boiler. No need you prepare others. What you need is the installation tools. And the raw material: Crude oil, NaOH, Bleaching earth,etc.


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