1 Ton per Day Animal Oil Refinery Plant in Namibia

This is a 1 ton per day small animal oil refinery plant set up in  April, 2013, located in Namibia. It is designed for seal oil refining - a kind of animal oil refinery application. View the onsite photos below to know more about the seal oil refninery project. Just feel free to inquiry for details and cost of setting up a crude oil refinery plant! (info@abcmach.com)

Animal Oil Refinery Plant - Seal Oil

seal oil refinery plant - suitable for processing crude animal and fish oil
Small Seal Oil Refinery Machinery

small scale animal oil refining plant for processing crude seal oil
Mini Unit for Refining Animal Oil

animal oil refinery line - small scale crude animal oil refining solution
Other Equipment of the Seal Oil Refinery Plant

The socio-economic benefits of sealing are numerous. Many people around the word are employed due to the seal oil processing and refining industry.

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