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According to market research data, the global sunflower seeds oil market was about $21.4 billion in 2023. It is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 6% to reach nearly $38.4 billion by 2033. The sunflower seeds oil market size varies across different regions. Europe, North America, and Asia are the main regions for the sunflower oil market. 

Sunflower Oil Production on Regional Basis

Based on statistics from 2022, the global annual sunflower seed production exceeds 50.2 million tons and is showing a year-on-year increasing trend. Russia is one of the world's largest producers of sunflower seeds, accounting for about 30% of the global total. Ukraine, China, Argentina, and other countries are also significant sunflower seed-producing regions, contributing a substantial share to global production. Regions that are abundant in sunflower seeds have made significant contributions to the production of global sunflower oil, each with its own unique characteristics.

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Overview of Market Distribution —— Opportunitis for Investing Sunflower Oil Mill

European Market Overview

In European, countries such as Ukraine, Russia, France, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria are major sunflower oil producers. The European region has a long history of sunflower cultivation and production, making it a leader in the global sunflower oil market. Russia and Ukraine together account for 50% of the global sunflower oil production. France is renowned for its high quality sunflower oil, focusing on producing premium oil that caters to gourmet market demands. Additionally, countries like Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria in Europe are actively engaged in sunflower oil production. European nations have invested in sunflower-related research and development to improve varieties, increase yields, and enhance disease resistance. Government support has also fostered the sunflower seed oil industry's growth. (Read More: Sunflower Oil Manufacturers in Russia)

North American Market Overview

In North American, the United States holds a significant portion of sunflower oil production. States like North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota are major sunflower cultivation areas in the US, benefitting from abundant sunlight and suitable precipitation for sunflower growth. The US primarily produces crude and refined sunflower oil, catering to various consumer needs and industrial purposes. Additionally, the US government provides subsidies, research funding, and infrastructure support to the agricultural sector, creating a favorable environment for sunflower seeds oil production.

Asia Sunflower Market Overview

In Asia, China and India are major sunflower seed oil producers. In recent years, both countries have made significant progress in sunflower seed cultivation, processing technology, and market expansion. As a result, the scale of sunflower seeds oil production in Asia is continuously expanding, and production processes are being improved and innovated, showing a stable growth trend.  Furthermore, regions like South America and Africa have also contributed to global sunflower seeds oil production. Argentina is one of the main sunflower seed oil producers in South America, holding a 9% market share in global sunflower oil production. In Africa, countries like South Africa and Tanzania hold significant positions in sunflower seeds oil production.

Top 10 Global Sunflower Oil Producing Countries

Rank Country Annual Production (in thousand tons)
1 Russia 13,000
2 Ukraine 5,500
3 India 4,000
4 Argentina 4,000
5 Kazakhstan 3,000
6 China 2,200
7 Turkey 2,000
8 United States 1,300
9 Egypt 1,000
10 Colombia 800

The sunflower oil market faces competition from other types of vegetable oils such as olive oil and soybean oil. Price fluctuations caused by seasonal and supply chain changes can affect consumer purchasing willingness, especially when prices are high. Additionally, the supply of counterfeit products in the sunflower oil market poses significant challenges, requiring manufacturers to ensure product quality and transparency to maintain consumer trust. To remain competitive, manufacturers need to constantly innovate and introduce new product types, processing methods, or packaging designs to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

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Investing in Sunflower Oil Mill with Enormous Market Profits

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With a growing emphasis on health and nutrition, the health food market is experiencing a thriving era. In this context, investing in sunflower oil mills has become a captivating opportunity. According to the August report from the US Department of Agriculture, the global sunflower seed production is expected to increase in the 2023/24 sales year, with a projected total output of 55.8 million metric tons. The consumption of sunflower oil is also expected to reach a new record high, reaching 19.79 million metric tons, accounting for about 9% of the total global vegetable oil consumption (218 million metric tons). The global sunflower oil market is projected to reach a market size of $21.4 billion.(Related Post: Sunflower Oil Mill Project Report)

Top10 Global Sunflower Oil Companies

Company Name Market Value (in billion USD)
Cargill, Incorporated 700
Daniels Midland Company 600
Wilmar International Limited  300
Bunge Limited Archer 150
COFCO Corporation 100
Limited Richardson International Limited 50
Marico Limited 40
Ruchi Soya Industries 20
AGT Food and Ingredients Inc. 10
Borges International Group S.A.U. 5


  •   Market Demand Growth
  • According to consumer surveys, about 60% of consumers indicate a preference for buying vegetable oils that are nutritionally rich and contribute to cardiovascular health. This provides strong momentum for sunflower oil market growth.
  •   Potential International Markets
  • As a globally recognized category of vegetable oil, sunflower oil also holds vast opportunities in international markets. By building suitable export channels and producing products that meet international standards, you can expand your sunflower oil mills into broader international market, achieving greater growth and profitability.
  •   Sustainable Development
  • Sunflowers are resilient crops with low demands for soil and water resources, reducing the environmental impact of agricultural production. Investing in sunflower oil mills not only creates economic profits but also promotes sustainable agricultural development, achieving a dual profit for both the economy and ecology. 
  •   Innovative Production Technologies
  • Sunflower oil production sector is witnessing numerous innovative techniques. Efficient sunflower oil milling machine, advanced extraction methods, and refined sunflower oil production line can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, while maintaining product quality and nutritional value.

Main Types of Oil Press Machines on the Market


Here are the three mainstream pure physical oil pressing machines in the market. When choosing between a screw oil press machine and a hydraulic oil press machine, consider factors such as the type of oilseeds you want to extract oil from, the desired oil yield, the level of automation needed, and the budget available. If you need any free guidance and advice on equipment selection, please feel free to contact us!

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Sunflower Oil Mill Deep Processing: How to Expand Market Profit Margin?

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Sunflower Seed Deep Processing —— Perspective of Using Sunflower Oilcakes

We now focus on the potential areas for expansion of the sunflower oil mill. With an understanding of the sunflower oil market's potential and outlook, we can delve into exploring opportunities for further development in this industry more comprehensively.(Read More: Sunflower  Seeds Oil Production)

  •   Health Functional Products
  • As consumer demand for health foods continues to rise, sunflower oil mill plant can consider innovatively developing products with specific health functions. For example, creating sunflower oil enriched with antioxidants or incorporating other nutritional elements such as Omega-3 fatty acids can meet consumers' demands for health and functional foods.
  •   Market Expansion and Product Lines Diversification
  • This could be achieved through entering new geographical markets, expanding exports, or diversifying sunflower oil product line to include innovative sunflower oil derivatives like seasonings, food ingredients, sunflower seed protein powder, etc., thereby expanding profit potential.
  •   Technological Innovation and Automated Production
  • Sunflower oil mill plant can consider adopting advanced technologies and automated sunflower oil milling machine to enhance production efficiency and product quality. This may entail using advanced cultivation techniques, sunflower oil milling machine and oil extraction methods, control and monitoring systems, leading to higher yields, lower costs, and higher product standards of sunflower oil mill.
  •   Development of Organic and Non-GMO Products
  • Organic and non-GMO edible oils are increasingly favored by consumers. Sunflower seeds oil mill invests in the production of organic, non-GMO, and cold-pressed sunflower seed oil can meet this market demand and provide a competitive edge in the market. 

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