Palm Kernel Oil Production

Why Invest Palm Kernel Oil Milling Business?

Palm kernel oil is healthier compared to palm oil and is currently mainly used in the food processing industry. From a comprehensive point of view, in recent years, the global palm kernel oil production fluctuates greatly, while consumption shows an upward trend. According to USDA forecast data, 2021/22, the global supply and demand for palm kernel oil have increased, the market size further expanded. Starting a business producing palm kernel oil could be a lucrative venture in today's market. (You may also like: Small Scale Palm Oil Processing Machine Price >>)

how to make palm kernel oil for business
Palm Kernel Oil Making Business - A Profitable Investment

  • Global Palm Kernel Oil Production

In 2020/21, global palm kernel oil production was 8.4 MMT, down 1.52% compared to 2019/20. According to the USDA forecast data in December 2021, global palm kernel oil production in 2021/22 is 8.79 MMT.

  • Global Palm Kernel Oil Consumption

In 2020/21, global palm kernel oil consumption is 8.34 MMT, up 2.08% from 2019/20. According to USDA forecast data in December 2021, global palm kernel oil consumption will rise to 8.61 MMT in 2021/22.

Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Nigeria, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Cameroon are the world TOP 10 palm kernel oil production countries.

Main Palm Kernel Oil Types in the Market

Type Soft Palm Kernel Oil Hard Palm Kernel Oil
Form Liquid Solid
Melting Point 21-26°C 31-34°C

Palm kernel oil can be further divided into soft palm kernel oil, which is the liquid part of fractionated palm kernel oil with a slip point of 21-26°C; hard palm kernel oil, which is the solid part of fractionated palm kernel oil with a slip point of 31-34°C.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

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How to Extract Palm Kernel Oil for Edible Oil Making Business?

How to make palm kernel oil for business? How to setup a palm kernel oil extraction plant or a small scale palm palm kernel oil production line at low cost? Which oil processing machines are required for palm kernel oil extraction? What is a detailed palm kernel oil production process or flow chart? If you are interested in palm kernel oil milling business, you may concern a lot about these questions. 

In general, there are three main steps to extract palm kernel oil:

  • Palm Kernels Acquiring
  • Palm Kernel Oil Extraction
  • Palm Kernel Oil Refining

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Palm Nut Cracking and Palm Kernel Shell Separation

If your raw materials are neat palm kernels, then this process can be ignored. But, if your raw materials are palm nut, then keep reading.

Palm nut, the byproduct of palm oil mill plant, contains up to 50% palm kernel. In order to get the palm kernels, it is need to crack the palm nut, separate it from palm shells. Many small palm kernel oil productoin factories, especially in Africa, still adopt the traditional water separation method to separate the palm kernels from the shells, which is not only labor intensive, but also has unsatisfactory seperation results (separated palm kernel contain a large amount of water). 

palm kernel and palm kernel nut seperation
Separating Palm Kernel Nut and Shell

Fortunately, palm nut cracking machine and palm kernel shell separation equipment can be used to break the palm kernel and then separate the palm kernel from the shell automatically. It has high efficiency and high palm kernel and shell separation rate. But, it is more suitable for small palm kernel oil mill plant. For large scale palm oil processing plant, there are often designed with palm kernel recovery system. If you have any questions about palm nut cracking and shell separation, just contact our professional engineers!

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Palm Kernel Oil Extraction

Then, it comes to the core steps of palm kernel oil production. Mechanical pressing and solvent extraction methods are all available to extract palm kernel oil. You can choose based your specific requirements, or just consult us for professional suggestion and complete oil manufacturing process design plan!


low cost setup small palm kernel oil mill plant
1~20TPD Small Palm Kernel Oil Making Machines for Sale

  • Mechanical Pressing: suitable for mini, small, medium and large scale palm kernel oil processing plant; requires less investment cost.
  • Solvent Extraction: suitable for medium, large scale or industrial scale palm kernel oil production; requires more investment cost. 

commercial palm kernel oil production plant
Factory Price Commercial Scale Palm Kernel Oil Making Plant

Palm Kernel Oil Refining

Palm kernel oil just extracted from palm kernel is crude palm kernel oil. Just like other crude vegetable oils, crude palm kernel oil contains some impurities, such as gum soluble impurities, free fatty acids, pigments, odor substances, etc., which need to be removed one by one through the degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization sections of palm kernel oil refining equipment to obtain high quality refined palm kernel oil. Like coconut oil refining, palm kernel oil does not require strict degumming, because its gum content is very small, and it is very easy to saponify, which increases refining consumption. (Related knowledge: Small Edible Oil Refinery Plant Cost >>)

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What is Palm Kernel Oil?

Palm kernel oil is a versatile and cost-effective ingredient, and is widely used in catering industry, food industry and oil and chemical industry. Due to its high level of saturated fat, it is commonly used in the production of soaps, cosmetics, and other personal care products. Additionally, it is used in some industrial applications such as biofuel production and as a lubricant. 

Palm kernel oil is composed primarily of low-grade fatty acids, which sets it apart from palm oil in terms of composition. These fatty acids make palm kernel oil more similar to coconut oil than to palm oil. Fresh palm kernel oil is an excellent cooking oil, as it has a creamy white or slightly yellow color and a solid consistency. It has a pleasant walnut flavor, making it a popular choice for many recipes. Furthermore, it has a high smoke point, making it ideal for high-heat frying, and it is also free of trans fats. Palm kernel oil can also be crystallized and pressed into a fixed and liquid form. The fixed fat is used as cocoa butter substitute and the liquid is used in baked goods, hydrogenation or soap making. Palm kernel oil has no special coloring reaction and can only be identified by refractive index, saponification value, etc. if mixed with cocoa butter or other oils.

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